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10 Signs Your Window Needs To Be Replaced

An image showing beautiful residential windows, recently installed in the St. Louis Metro area by XteriorPRO.

10 Signs Your Window Needs To Be Replaced

Well hi there, you must be wondering how to tell if a window needs replacing.

Curious how many you’re going to need to replace around your home this year?

The good news is it’s VERY easy to tell — window by window — once you understand the most common ways these products break down over time.

Let’s jump right in.


Sign #1: It’s Become A Bit Drafty

Is that the whistling wind(ow) you heard? Do sudden breezes waft through the kitchen in the winter, even when everything seems closed up tight? How about a pleasant cool chill in the summer that catches you off guard… “Where’d that come from?

Drafty windows don’t just destroy your home’s hope of being energy efficient; they’re a harbinger of other issues soon to come if nothing’s done! Here are a couple of ways to check:

  • Use your hand when it’s windy out. Do you feel the wind on your fingers from around the framing elements?
  • Use thin tissue paper or even a candle. Anything that can tip you off to window seals losing integrity.


Sign #2: Your Energy Bill Is Creeping Upwards

You’ve got to pay close attention to your energy bill. Would you be able to spot the trend if a few windows were causing it to creep up and up, little bit by bit?

Inefficient windows are causing your HVAC system to notice! It’s going to either have to kick on more often or stay running for longer to compensate.


Sign #3: Umm, Your Windows Are STILL Single-Pane!

How could this be? Tisk tisk…

That’s okay though, you’ve got a gigantic assortment of both quality double-pane or even better triple-pane options.

Here at XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis, we only install the highest-quality Triple-Pane windows for our St. Louis Metro-area customers. It’s about dramatically increasing your insulation value, benefiting from Low-E coatings and specialty glass, and outstanding energy efficiency! Single-pane windows simply don’t cut it anymore, not by a long shot.


Sign #4: Your Windows Are Losing Functionality

A tell-tale sign of aging windows is a loss of functionality. The progression looks the same for almost every kind of window under the sun.

It starts off just feeling a bit stiff because the hardware is getting old. But, within a year or two (or ten), the window is more often than not just left closed, the locks stop working well, balance issues become apparent (thanks to sloppy or improper installation), and so on. Until finally, there’s no choice left but to get it replaced.


Sign #5: You’ve Suddenly Got Weeping Windows

When was the last time you just sat and watched beads of water roll down the window glass on a rainy day? Wait a sec; it’s not raining!

When warm in-home air hits the colder glass, condensation happens. This is normal. However, when condensation is almost constant, or you see frost in the winter…you’ve got a sure sign of an aging window.

Have a double or triple pane window, and there’s condensation between the panes? Not good. It means there’s a cracked or broken seal somewhere and the insulation value of that window is kaput!


Sign #6: You’ve Got Barely Any Noise Reduction

Shhhh, listen, do you hear those birds chirping in the crisp morning air? We all adore the calls of our feathered friends, but when you can hear literally everything else going on outside…that’s an issue.

Yet another reason why single-pane windows aren’t good enough anymore. However, even triple-pane windows can lose their insulation value (see #5 again), and with it the premium noise reduction they provide.


Sign #7: The Window Frames Have Seen Better Days

There are MILLIONS of American homeowners with outdated windows that are around twenty years old. Even the high-quality windows of yesteryear are susceptible to rot, decay, and general wear and tear. This is especially true when we’re talking about wooden window framing.

Are the frames soft? How are the sills? Are they visibly breaking down? Is the glass noticeably dated as well, sort of giving the window a drab look that a paint job can’t fix? Signs like these are how to tell if a window needs replacing.


Sign #8: Your Home’s Curb Appeal Is Suffering

Speaking of drab, nothing drags the curb appeal of your home down into the mud quite like ugly windows.

Windows tend to be one of the very first sections people notice! Maybe they don’t look so bad from down the street, but how about up close — cracks in the framing or panes, dusted fading glass with dings in it, water damage, etc.?


Sign #9: Whoa…Where Did All These Pests Come From?

Are there suddenly armies of ants making their way around an area of your home? Are pests showing up WAY more than usual? One of the first places to look is around your windows and doors.


Sign #10: You’ve Decided On a Home Makeover

If you’re giving your home an exterior makeover, then you’re already past the point of needing to know how to tell if a window needs replacing. It’s time!

At XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis, we’re lucky enough to be involved in these on a very regular basis. Definitely one of the best parts of the job, because rather than just replacing windows alone, we often get to help with roofing, siding, and doors as well.

You can see lots of great photos like that Before & After image if you visit our Windows & Doors Gallery. We’re happy to showcase our work because we know how many local homeowners in our area are looking for inspiration.


Wrapping Up: When It’s Time, Give The Professionals A Call

Awesome, so now that you know how to tell if a window needs replacing… how many do you plan on taking care of in the coming weeks? If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, you’re already quite familiar with the damaging impacts of our normal weather on your windows (let alone the less common, but extreme systems in the last decade).


This is exactly why we ONLY install the very best, including custom triple-pane windows with greater gas fills (insulation), foam-filled framing, premium air & water protection, and long-term performance. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis. Thanks for your time today.