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3 Not-So-Obvious Signs You Should Avoid A Siding Replacement Company

3 Not-So-Obvious Signs You Should Avoid A Siding Replacement Company

3 Not-So-Obvious Signs You Should Avoid A Siding Replacement Company

These Red Flags Fly Under Most Homeowners’ Radars, So You’ve Probably Never Thought To Consider Them.


Some signs of a subpar siding replacement company in Metro St. Louis are glaringly obvious. Pushy salespeople. Rude receptionists. A smorgasbord of bad online reviews. These are Gateway-Arched-sized red flags you can spot 10 miles away.

But there are also lesser-known indicators that you may want to avoid a siding company. These are warning signs 95% of homeowners never consider… because they don’t know to look for them!

That’s where I can help. As someone on the “inside,” I can recognize red flags the average homeowner can’t. And I’ll share three of them with you right now.

#1: “Hiding” Siding Brands On Their Website

Some siding replacement companies like to tout that they have the “best siding” in the St. Louis metro area… without mentioning actual brands on their website.

That’s fishy. If you install great siding, why wouldn’t you name-drop your brand(s) on your site? It would be like an auto dealership’s website saying “We have the best cars!” without mentioning makes and models. Omission is cause for suspicion.

Does failure to mention brands automatically mean the company installs junk siding? No. Some of these companies have zero bad intentions. But if a company is a true customer advocate, they should provide this kind of vital information up front and prior to an in-home appointment. You have the right to be as informed as possible before meeting face to face with a salesperson. After all, it’s your home and money.

Red-Flag Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

#2: A Sparse “Online Footprint”

“Online footprint” is how big a presence a siding company has on the internet. It should include the following at bare-minimum

1. An official Google Business listing…

Siding Replacement Companies - Google Business Listing

2. Numerous positive reviews on multiple major websites (Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, etc.)

Siding Replacement Companies -- Reviews

3. Accreditation & Good Standing With The Better Business Bureau

Siding Replacement Companies - BBBIf a siding contractor is lacking one or more of these, they have a weak online footprint. This doesn’t automatically mean they’re bad at siding replacement. But let’s face it: In today’s always-online world, companies need a strong online presence to succeed. So if Googling a company turns up tumbleweeds, it could mean they’re not doing enough business to provide high-quality materials, installers, and warranties.

Red-Flag Rating: 4 out of 5.

#3: Their Price Feels Too Good To Be True

I hate to be a burster of bubbles, but “great quality” and “cheap price” are diametrically opposed terms in the remodeling industry. You simply cannot get superior siding replacement at a bargain-barrel price. If a siding replacement company provides a suspiciously low quote, you can bet your kid’s college fund that company is skimping on quality materials and installation.

Does this mean the higher the price, the better the quality? Only to a point. For example, James Hardie fiber cement siding costs a little more up front than your average vinyl siding. There is, however, such a thing as paying too much for the best quality. Some companies simply love price gouging to pad profits.

This is why due diligence on a Metro St. Louis siding replacement company’s reputation is mission-critical—and why hiring a company with a healthy online footprint (Point #2) is important. You can trust a company with a sterling online reputation to price their services fairly. If they didn’t, you’d definitely hear about it from their past customers via scathing internet reviews.

Red-Flag Rating: 17 out of 5.

Bottom Line: Warning Signs Aren’t Always Obvious

Red flags take the form of things besides bad online reviews and rude customer service. When you’re considering a siding replacement company in the St. Louis metro area, take the three not-so-obvious points above into consideration. While they aren’t always a sign of a subpar company, they’re a bright blinking yellow light that says, “Proceed with caution.”