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3 “Problems” With James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding - St. Louis Metro - Fiber Cement Siding

Though James Hardie Is The Best Siding On The Market,

It’s Not Perfect. Here Are 3 Reasons Why…


I talk a lot about how great James Hardie fiber cement siding is. And it IS true that Hardie is unquestionably superior to vinyl siding.

But let’s face it—nothing is perfect. Even the “best of the best” products have their drawbacks. So today, I want to talk to you about three problems with James Hardie siding… and (naturally) give you my opinion as to why these “problems” can actually be POSITIVES.

Let’s get started.


Problem #1: James Hardie Siding (Usually) Costs More Than Vinyl Siding

James Hardie typically costs more than most vinyl siding brands—roughly 20-25% more. If you’re comparing Hardie to the REALLY cheap vinyl siding brands, Hardie can be up to a 50% higher initial investment.

A few vinyl siding brands actually cost MORE than Hardie. But you should never, ever pay that much for vinyl siding—not even the top brand on the market.

Counterargument: Why This “Problem” Is Actually A Positive

When it comes to siding, you get what you pay for. Hardie siding almost always costs more up front than vinyl siding. But it lasts MUCH longer and protects your home MUCH better. The return on investment is simply far superior.


Problem #2: James Hardie Siding Is Hard To Install

Hardie is perhaps the most difficult siding material to install. If installing vinyl siding is like putting together a child’s bicycle, installing Hardie is like building a functioning rocket ship from scratch.

Case in point: The Hardie best practices installation manual is over 130 pages. Your contractor MUST be experienced, MUST be diligent, and MUST have the skills to install Hardie on your home RIGHT.

Otherwise, you get this.

Counterargument: Why This “Problem” Is Actually A Positive

Hardie’s degree of difficulty means a lot of low-level contractors won’t touch it. Sure, some underqualified contractors install Hardie siding. But those are easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Bottom line: Choosing Hardie siding automatically cuts out 75% of the companies you DON’T want working on your home.


Problem #3: James Hardie Siding Requires Painting

With Hardie, you have two finish options.

First, you can paint Hardie siding with acrylic latex house paint. Second, you can choose Hardie’s baked-on pre-finish with ColorPlus® Technology. This lasts longer than ordinary paint and resists fading, chipping, peeling, and cracking. It’s also backed by a 15-year limited warranty that covers both the paint and labor.

Why is the need to paint Hardie considered a “problem”? Well, this means Hardie technically DOES require more maintenance than, say, vinyl siding. But things are a little more complex than that.

I’ll explain…

Counterargument: Why This “Problem” Is Actually A Positive

Vinyl siding companies like to advertise that since the color is baked into the product, vinyl doesn’t need to be painted. As such, these companies market vinyl as the “low maintenance” siding option.

While it’s TECHNICALLY true that you don’t have to paint vinyl, it’s more accurate to say you SHOULDN’T paint vinyl. House paint doesn’t bond well with vinyl (including acrylic paint that some online articles say works). Vinyl’s high expansion and contraction rate can also quickly cause the paint to crack.

The truth is that ALL siding fades. Vinyl. Fiber cement. Wood. No siding is immune to the sun’s rays. And this is why Hardie’s need for paint is actually a benefit.

If a section of vinyl siding fades, you have to replace it. Since sections of siding fade at different rates, however, the new panels may not match your current panels.

The result can look something like this:

faded vinyl siding compared to fresh color swatch
vinyl siding color swatch compared to faded panels

The other issue with vinyl is that you can’t ever change the color. Whatever you choose during installation is what you have to stick with.

But with Hardie? If a section is faded, you can paint it. If you’re tired of the color, you can paint it. If you want to freshen up the look of your home WITHOUT replacing your siding, you can paint it.

It’s just that easy.


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James Hardie siding costs a little more than vinyl siding. It’s a bit harder to install. And it does need the occasional painting. But whether these are “problems” is up to YOU.

It’s your project. It’s your money. It’s your home. You deserve to get exactly what you want. Period.

So contact us today for a free consultation. We’re a pro-Hardie company, but we’re also straight shooters. We’ll give you the honest answers and straightforward information you need to make the right decision for your home.

No pressure. No pricing games. No nonsense.

That’s a promise.