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3 Reasons St. Louis County Window Salesmen Badmouth Triple Pane

3 Reasons St. Louis County Window Salesmen Badmouth Triple Pane

3 Reasons St. Louis County Window
Salesmen Badmouth Triple Pane

Higher Costs, Lack Of Availability & Ignorance
Of Triple Pane Technology Are To Blame.


“You only install triple pane windows? Another window company told me they’re not worth the money.”

Since my company sells only triple pane, I hear this pretty frequently. A lot of window companies in the St. Louis metro area either downplay the benefits of triple pane windows when talking to potential customers… or straight up badmouth triple pane all together. They say triple pane isn’t worth the extra investment and has no real advantage over double pane.

That’s just flat-out WRONG.

Triple pane windows provide the most bang for the buck—period. Look no further than our Why Triple Pane and Window Energy Efficiency pages for proof. On those pages, we provide actual statistics that show triple pane windows are objectively superior to double pane windows in many ways.

So why do some window companies criticize triple pane?

A few reasons…

  1. Triple pane windows cost them more
  2. Their manufacturers don’t make triple pane windows
  3. They’re just plain ignorant of triple pane technology

Let’s look at these reasons one by one.

#1. Triple Pane Costs Window Companies More

Triple pane windows cost manufacturers more to make, so manufacturers charge window dealers more to stock and sell triple pane. This leads to one of two scenarios:

The window dealer simply chooses not to sell triple pane windows

The window dealer does sell triple pane windows, but pushes double pane on customers just to “win” the job

The first scenario is cut and dry, so I’ll focus on the second.

A lot of companies that offer triple pane prefer to pitch double pane windows because of double pane’s lower price point. The window company craves your money, so they don’t want to scare you off with triple pane’s higher price tag. As such, they’d rather sell you a substandard window (double pane) then even broach the subject of triple pane.

How We Solve This Problem: Even if triple pane windows cost 10 times as much as double pane, they’d still be all we’d install. Fortunately, our triple pane windows cost 34% less on average—and are often a comparable price to other companies’ double pane windows! Find out more on here: Our Prices.

#2. Many Window Manufacturers Don’t Make Triple Pane

A lot of window manufacturers—even big-name ones—don’t make triple pane windows. They’re stubbornly clinging to old window technology because it’s A) cheaper and B) easier.

If you get a quote from a window company whose manufacturer doesn’t make triple pane, you can be as sure as a sunrise that the window company will badmouth triple pane. They’ll say the added costs aren’t worth it because, well, of course that’s what they’re going to say. Otherwise, it would be like Arby’s saying, “Yeah, our sandwiches are okay, but Lion’s Choice sandwiches are A-mazing.” It’s not going to happen.

How We Solve This Problem: Window Depot USA national isn’t afraid of dabbling in the latest technology and advancements in windows. They not only sell triple pane windows, but make them the premier line.

And as I mentioned a second ago, Window Depot USA is also a big company with a ton of buying power. As such, they are not only able to manufacture premium triple pane windows at less cost, but also allow their local dealers (i.e., us!) to sell them for more competitive prices.
Ignorance Of Triple Pane Technology

#3. Ignorance Of Triple Pane Technology

This one goes hand in hand with #2. Triple pane is the new kid on the block. While double pane windows have been around since the 1930s, triple pane windows were developed in the 1990s. That’s essentially still “newborn” status in an industry as slow-changing as window replacement.

Many companies—including both manufacturers and dealers—are slow to embrace new advancements. As a result, window salespeople for these companies simply don’t know much about triple pane. That means their knowledge of triple pane begins and ends with what their employers tell them (which, as we’ve talked about, certainly won’t include a ringing endorsement for triple pane!).

How We Solve This Problem: Since we sell ONLY Window Depot USA triple pane windows (we refuse to sell even their double pane windows), we’re able to focus 100% of our attention on triple pane. As far as I know, we’re one of—if not the only—company in the St. Louis metro area that installs just triple pane. This means we have the knowledge of and experience with triple pane to provide you with ALL the facts.

Bottom Line: Don’t Let Window Companies Deceive You About Triple Pane

If a window salesperson tries telling you triple pane is no better than double pane, be skeptical. Triple pane windows are objectively superior in terms of energy efficiency, in-home comfort, sound reduction, and overall value. It’s not up for debate.

So if you want the facts—and nothing but—get in touch.