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3 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Siding

3 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Siding

3 Reasons to Replace Your Wood Siding

Do you have wood siding that’s simply not holding up the way you thought it would? While wood siding might have a classic look and feel, it requires heavy maintenance to keep that appearance and protect your home. More and more St. Louis metro homeowners are moving away from it. As years pass, you may find that you need to replace that wood siding. Here are a few reasons it may be time for your wood siding to go:


Here in the St. Louis metro area, we experience all four seasons, sometimes to extremes. With fluctuations in temperature, wood can expand and contract, causing it to warp and crack over time. Prolonged and extreme exposure to sunlight can also cause wood siding to warp. When the siding warps, it not only looks unattractive but pulls away from your home, allowing for water damage and pests to get into your walls and reach your insulation.

Water Damage

Because wood soaks up moisture, it’s particularly susceptible to rot. As rot spreads, it can damage the whole of your siding as well as the structure of the wall beneath. Wood’s susceptibility to water damage can also mean there’s a stronger chance of leaks, which could lead to mold and mildew. It could also cause cracking in your siding. Wood siding has to be frequently stained in order to protect it from water penetration, which can become expensive over time.


Termites and carpenter ants love to dig into your wood siding. Over time, they can literally eat away at it until your siding is not only unattractive but no longer functional, and potentially a hazard to your home. Again, you can coat wood siding with a finish that protects it from pests, but because it will need to be restained over time, the cost for this can build up — especially considering wood siding is already one of the most expensive siding options out there.

So what’s the alternative? At XteriorPRO, we offer James Hardie fiber cement siding, not just the most popular replacement siding throughout the St. Louis metro area but throughout America. It’s more durable than wood siding, with far lower maintenance. It comes in a variety of colors and styles and can even take on a woodgrain appearance so you get the classic look of wood without the hassle. With an option like fiber cement siding, it’s no wonder so many homeowners are turning away from wood siding.

Interested in fiber cement replacement siding for your home? Contact XteriorPRO today for more information or a free quote.