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3 Steps to Get Ready For a Roof Replacement

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3 Steps to Get Ready For a Roof Replacement

So you’ve decided to get a roof replacement. That’s the first step. You may find yourself wondering what the next steps in the process are. After all, there are several roofing options available to you, as well as roofing companies. You have decisions to make and a house that you’ll need to prepare. Fortunately, we have you covered. Here are three steps to get ready for a roof replacement.

Choose a Roof

The first step is to choose the kind of replacement roof you want. Once the old roof is gone, you don’t have to choose a replacement roof just like it. You could opt for something completely different. Asphalt shingles are the most popular kinds of roofs and often the most affordable, though you should always beware of shingled roofs that are too cheap. You can also find options like metal roofing or tile roofing, just to name a couple examples.

The roof should go deeper than the surface material, though. You should also make sure your roof decking, ice and water shield, and roof gutters are the right roof for you. Even the color of the shingles should suit your vision for your home.

Hire a GAF Master Elite Roofer

When it comes to your roof installation, you want the best. GAF Master Elite Roofers are a rare find. Only 3% of roofers in the country hold the distinction. Fortunately, at least one of them is in your area — XteriorPRO. A GAF Master Elite distinction means that the roof has passed the highest standards of quality, both in terms of the purchased product and the expert installation. With a GAF Master Elite sign, you can have complete confidence in the quality of your roof and the installation.

Go Over The Warranty

Every roof comes with a warranty — or if it doesn’t, that’s quite a warning sign. Many will offer a lifetime warranty, but that lifetime warranty is written to be misleading. It could be a lifetime warranty on the product, but not the workmanship. At XteriorPRO, our GAF Golden Pledge warranty is not only an exceptional product warranty, but we also offer a lifetime workmanship warranty, no exceptions. If you ever need to replace the roof or have it repaired, your warranty will still hold.

Are you ready for a roof replacement? Contact XteriorPRO today to learn more about our GAF roofing or to get a free quote.