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5 Benefits Of A Bay Window

5 Benefits Of A Bay Window Installation For St.Louis Residents

5 Benefits Of A Bay Window
Installation In St. Louis

Thinking About Installing New Windows In Your Home?
A Bay Window May Be The Perfect
Choice For You!

Are you a St. Louis homeowner looking to add character and style to your living space?

One of the best ways to achieve that is with a beautiful bay window.

Bay windows add beauty to your home, allow in lots of natural light, and provide amazing outdoor views. And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s talk about five of the biggest benefits that bay window installation can have for your home!

1. Looks Aren’t Everything, But
They Do Go A Long Way!

Many St.Louis residents choose bay windows for their homes for one simple reason: they are beautiful!

Bay windows, by design, are custom-crafted to perfectly fit a desired space within the home. The unique nature of bay windows alone draws the eye, let alone the views from inside. Bay windows have three separate glass panels that are angled outwards away from the home.
This allows for the opportunity of panoramic views from the comfort of your own couch or dining room table. From the outside, bay windows break up the monotony of perfectly straight walls and make your house stand out from all others.

2. Added Living & Storage Space

Because bay windows are angled towards the great outdoors, this can open up a substantial amount of space depending on the size of the installation. Bay window replacement projects can be as large or as small as you wish. Larger bay windows equate directly to more living or storage space.

Living rooms and kitchens are two of the most common areas of the home for a bay window installation. Many people dedicate a bay window for a relaxing breakfast nook or cozy reading spot. Drawers or shelves can be installed in tandem with your bay window to utilize the space beneath the sill.

3. Increased Home Value, Who Doesn’t Want That?

When it comes to home improvement projects, window replacement installations are well known as being one of the most lucrative investments homeowners can make. Properly updated windows can raise the value of your home exponentially, and bay windows are no exception.

Because of the added space provided, along with being highly energy-efficient, bay windows are a hot commodity in the real estate world. They are a great way to showcase your fun and adventurous side while bringing the beauty of the outside world one step closer.

Adding a few extra square feet of living space in your home may not seem like much, but it will actually raise the value of your home in the eyes of potential buyers.

4. Improved Ventilation

One glorious part of bay windows is that you have the choice of having them installed fixed in place or with the option of being opened. While most Missouri residents may not find the latter option appealing in the winter months, it can be extremely useful in the warmer months!

Three panes of glass offer triple the ventilation when all are opened. Having one open can let a steady breeze into the home or you can create a cross breeze by opening two panels at a time. This is a great feature if your bay window is in the kitchen, where it can quickly become stuffy while cooking or cleaning.

5. Added sunlight: Lower Energy Bills

It goes without saying that the biggest benefits of all windows are their ability to let the warmth and clarity of natural sunlight into the home. Think about the areas of your home where you utilize electric lights the most; chances are there are little or few windows in those areas.

Before electricity, windows were imperative in the construction of homes. Not only does light allow us to perform our daily functions, it is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle and circadian rhythm. Bay windows naturally let in a much greater amount of sunlight than standard-style windows. More natural light in the home means less money spent on running electric lights.

As an added bonus, we only install triple-pane windows for our customers to ensure maximum energy efficiency and longevity.

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With all of the benefits of bay windows, we aren’t surprised you have decided they are the right fit for your home! By choosing Window Depot USA for your window replacement needs, you are guaranteed clear communication, full transparency, and zero compromises.

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