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5 Questions To Ask All St. Charles Replacement Window Companies

Asking Replacement Window Companies Questions

5 Questions To Ask All St. Charles Replacement Window Companies

Don’t Hire A Window Contractor Until They Give You
The Right Answers To The Following Q’s…


If you want THE best possible replacement window project in St. Charles, you have to ask a contractor the right questions up front.

Why? Because it’s how you ensure you won’t get burned after you’ve signed on the dotted line.

So… what are these “right questions”? I’ll share them with you. Right here. Right now.

Write them down, print them out, or burn them in your memory. Just make sure to ask them before committing to any replacement window contractor. The best time is typically the initial consultation.

Let’s get started…

1. “Are Your Windows Triple Pane?”

Why You Should Ask This…

Triple pane windows are THE best option if you want the greatest efficiency and lowest energy bills.

Some companies, however, only install double pane windows. They may not be willing to invest in the higher costs that come with selling triple pane. Or they may not be fully educated in the benefits triple pane offers.

Either way, it means YOU lose out on the most premium window option. That may be fine with you. But be wary of any company that promises the “most energy efficient” windows… while offering only double pane.

The XteriorPRO Answer…

Do we provide triple pane windows?


Triple pane is our specialty. We’re a Zero Compromises company, so triple pane is actually our “default” replacement window option. And when you see the tremendous benefits of triple pane windows, you’ll understand why.

2. “Does Your Replacement Window Quote Include EVERYTHING?”

Why You Should Ask This…

Most replacement window companies use the terms “quote” and “estimate” interchangeably. But there is a big difference between the two… one that can cost your hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

A quote should be the firm and final price for the job (not including change orders that may arise during installation).

Estimates, however, are just that—estimations of how much the work will cost.

Some window companies provide estimates but call them quotes. They may not do it with bad intentions, but it can lead to confusion on how much the project will actually cost.

Whatever a company calls the price they give you during the consultation, make sure it includes everything. All upgrades, the full scope of the installation, cost to remove the old windows… even line items for things like caulk and screws.

The company should be able to show you where every penny of your money is going. Otherwise, you may get sticker shock when the price you end up paying is much more than the initial quote/estimate.

The XteriorPRO Answer…

Our quotes are TRUE quotes—period.

The price we give you during the initial appointment? Unless you request a change order later on, that’s the price you pay. Not one dime more.

3. “Can I Talk To Your Past Replacement Window Customers?”

Why You Should Ask This…

For a few reasons, it’s a good sign if a window company has a reference list of past customers.

One: It demonstrates that the company has customers so satisfied with the job that they’re willing to talk to strangers about it.

Two: It shows the company is genuinely interested in what their customers have to say—so much so that the company actively seeks out their feedback.

Three: It indicates the company is confident enough in its work that they’ll allow potential customers (like you!) to speak to past customers one on one.

Is not having a reference list an automatic disqualifier? Not necessarily.

But don’t hesitate to ask a company why it doesn’t have a list of past customers you can call. The answer could reveal information that clinches your decision whether or not to hire the company.

The XteriorPRO Answer…

We make our customer reference list available on request. Simply contact us and let us know you’d like to speak to some previous customers. We’ll email you that list so you can call as many as you like.

Not sure what to ask them? The questions list on our References page is a good start.
Replacement Window Consultation - St. Charles

4. “What, Exactly, Does Your Window Warranty Cover?”

Why You Should Ask This…

Ask a company to go over every detail of its window warranty. Warranties can be filled with loopholes, legalese, and exclusions. As such, it’s not always easy to figure out what they do and do not cover—even if the company advertises “lifetime” coverage.

A few things you should watch out for:

  • If the warranty is prorated (meaning the coverage decreases over time)
  • If there are trips charges included
  • If there are specific problems the warranty does not cover

The XteriorPRO Answer…

Our product and installation warranties are the strongest in the industry… and written in plain English. When we come to your home for your appointment, we’d be happy to sit down and review our warranty with you—line by line by line.

5. “Who, Exactly, Will Be Replacing My Windows?”

Why You Should Ask This…

The best window in the world will fail if it’s installed wrong. That’s why this question may be the most important on this list.

When you ask a company about its installers, be sure the company salesperson explains the installers’ backgrounds, experience, and processes. The more detail you have, the better informed you’ll be when deciding whether to move forward.

If the salesperson has a tough time conveying this info, treat it as a red flag. It might just mean their installers aren’t experienced, aren’t properly vetted, or lack the suitable processes to ensure quality installation.

The XteriorPRO Answer…

Our replacement window installers are passionate, experienced, and extremely talented. It’s why we pay them twice the industry rate for the St. Charles area!

We love discussing our installers in detail during the initial consultation… and homeowners love our enthusiasm when we do so. It provides peace of mind that their job will get done right the first time.

For more information about our window replacement process, visit our Window Installation page.

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