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5 Signs You Need New Windows This Winter

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5 Signs You Need New Windows This Winter

Ask most homeowners how to tell if they need new windows, and they’ll likely say something like “when they’re broken”, or “when they’re drafty”.

They aren’t wrong, but there are quite a few other ways to tell that it may be time to replace your windows. And what better time than right now?

Here are 5 signs that it’s time to replace your home’s windows:

1. Your Energy Bills Are High

The average energy costs in US households is about $1500 a year, with about half of that money going towards heating and cooling costs.

If you’re trying to find a way to keep your utility bills down, window replacement is one of the most common solutions recommended by professionals. According to one study, home window replacement can reduce your annual cost of cooling and heating by 22%.

While Missouri isn’t the coldest state in the US (It’s actually the 28th according to the Thrillist), that doesn’t mean that our winter months don’t pack a serious punch. As fall turns to winter, you’re likely going to be relying more on your heater.

With older windows, cold air can sneak in and warm air can sneak out, so a lot of the temperature-controlled air that your heating system is working to create is going to waste.

How To Test Your Windows’ Efficiency:

One of our trained window experts can help you determine the efficiency (or lack thereof) of your current windows. But, if you want to do a quick at home test, here are a couple of methods:

  1. Stand next to your windows on a colder day. Does it feel colder in front of the window than the rest of the house?If you touch your windows, does the glass feel cold to the touch?If so, your old windows are making your furnace work extra hard to keep your home at your desired temperature.
  2. Another way to see if your windows are costing you money in utilities is to hold a lit candle or burning stick of incense near your window frames.As you move it around each corner slowly, watch the flame or the smoke for any movement.If you notice a change in the flame or the smoke, then your windows are drafty and not as insulative as they could be.

2. Your Windows Don’t Operate Smoothly

Check each of your windows to see how they operate. Do some of them take added pressure or force to open or close correctly? Are some of them swollen or painted shut? If this is the case, it’s time to get some new windows.

Opening and closing your windows shouldn’t require a ton of effort. It should be seamless and smooth, and if it isn’t, you’ll want to look at home window replacement.

3. You Want to Reduce Outside Noise

Did you know that street noise can do more than just drive you crazy? It can actually be quite harmful to your health. Dealing with constant noise keeps your body’s stress response system in a constant state of activation, which can contribute to poor cardiovascular health and mood disturbances.

Whether you live near the interstate or on a noisy city street, you want your home to feel like a sanctuary away from the outside world.

Sound vibrations from the street can be transferred from single-pane and even double-pane windows. If you want your home to be a place of peace and quiet, replacing your windows could go a long way.

When you replace your windows with energy-efficient windows, the sound from the street will be absorbed before it enters your home.

Bonus: High-quality windows can keep out more than just sound.

If your older windows are not opening or closing properly, they could pose a security risk to you and your family.

Updating your windows can ensure that they are as safe and secure as possible and keep uninvited “guests” out of your house.

4. Your Windows Are Defective

There are a number of different ways that windows can be defective.

  • Drafty Windows. It’s not uncommon to feel a little air around your windows, but if it’s very noticeable then you’ve got a problem. Drafts can be sealed with weatherstripping and caulk but this is not a permanent solution.
  • Leaky Windows. This could happen for many reasons, as it indicates that there is water pooling in the roof, upper floors, or wall around your windows. However you deal with this situation, you’ll want to deal with it right away, as ignoring could lead to the wood rotting.
  • Cracked and Rotted Windows:  If you find that your window frames have rot or cracks, this can lead to several issues including water leaks, air leaks, or letting in small insects. If you have visible cracks in your window, this can weaken its strength, particularly when moisture starts seeping in.
  • Window Condensation:. If your glass is fogged this usually means condensation is trapped between the glass.  When this happens, your windows aren’t operating at their best anymore.

5. You Don’t Like Your Windows Style

There are a lot of practical reasons to undergo home window replacement, but there’s also just how you feel about their look. If your windows are out of date and ugly, whether or not they have any of these other issues, it might be time to replace them.

Are you ready to get new windows but need a little inspiration? Check out our windows gallery!

Is It Time For You to Get New Windows?

Deciding to get new windows can be a big decision, but it can be well worth the expense. Whether you are planning on trying to sell your house or stay in it for the decades to come, installing new windows makes your home more energy-efficient, comfortable, valuable, stylish, and safer.

Is it time for you to get new windows? You can book a free quote with us today!