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6 Questions To Ask Before Buying Replacement Windows


Are you new to the home improvement lifestyle?

Are you thinking about having the windows in your home replaced?

If you answered yes to either one of those questions, you’re in the right spot!

When it comes to buying replacement windows, it’s imperative to ask your preferred contracting company about each and every aspect of the decision-making process.

We have done countless window replacement installations in homes all across Missouri and have answered every question under the moon when it comes to the process and materials.

In this article, we have compiled a list of six questions YOU should ask before pulling the trigger on buying replacement windows for your beloved family home.

1. What Is The Final Cost?

While this may seem the most basic, it’s also the most important for most. Unfortunately, many home renovation companies give one base price for their services only to have that number raised substantially when it’s time to pay up.

Going through the detailed project proposal and asking specific questions about costs related to materials, labor, and other factors is always a smart move.

Here at Window Depot of St. Louis, we clearly outline EXACTLY how much your replacement windows will cost before we put in a single purchase order. Once the customer has given us their blessing, only then do we continue with our services.

2. What Is The Best Option For Me Based On My Home?

This is a big one. Too often than not, contractors will suggest or flat out tell you which replacement window they recommend without first detailing the exact cost or efficiency level.
Do you have strong winds from one side of the house in particular? Are you looking for increased safety or a difference in aesthetics? These are all good things to tell your contractor in advance in order for them to effectively help you make a decision.

At the end of the day, we work for you! If you are not happy, then we aren’t either.

3. What Are My Window Options?

Before making any purchase, it’s always good to know all of your options! Even if you come into a project with your heart set on a specific color or style, you may be surprised to see what is out there.

Suppose you choose to entrust Window Depot for your window replacement needs. In that case, we offer the following types of windows for residential homes (and remember, we only utilize high-quality triple-pane glass for each window style!):

  • Double-hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • Horizontal Slider Windows
  • Picture Windows

In addition to these window styles, we offer a vast array of finish, hardware, screen, and glass design options.

4. How Long Will The Replacement Process Take?

Between juggling various work schedules, closing off parts of the house, and other important life events; it’s imperative to know exactly how long the process will take.

While a simple window installation itself can take a mere 30 minutes, it’s the entire planning process from start to finish that takes up the most time.

We work diligently to quickly gather all of the necessary information and work directly with the homeowner to get started on the replacement process in a timely manner so that you, and your home, can get back to normal life.

5. Should I Replace All Of My Windows At The Same Time?

This all depends on how urgent the need for replacement windows is. If the project is for purely aesthetics, then it’s up to the homeowner to make that decision!

If the majority of your windows are in rough shape, have visible rot, or let in drafts, you may want to replace every window in the house. Fixing just a few faulty windows instead of the whole lot is similar to putting a bandage on one wound instead of another.

Even if you are just after a new home aesthetic, replacing all of the windows at the same time will bring uniformity to the home while eliminating the need for you to have Window Depot back to your home shortly at a later date.

6. What Is The Best Time Of The Year For Replacement Window Installations?

While home renovations, especially on the exterior, can be a bit more difficult when you add snow and winter temperatures, it can be done! For the fastest possible installation process, having good weather is key.

A project that can be completed fairly quickly during the warmer months of the year can slow down considerably due to weather delays in the colder months.

As we mentioned before, we work for you! If the best time of the year to have work done on your home is in the dead of winter, then so be it!

Still Have Questions? Reach Out!

We would be surprised if you didn’t still have questions. After all, knowledge is power! It’s important to have all of the relevant information before making a big decision, especially when it comes to the homestead.

We are happily available to answer any additional questions you may have regarding replacement windows, give us a call at (636) 220-5922 today!