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8 Questions to Ask Your Roofing Contractor in St. Louis

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Need a new roof in St. Louis? You’ll soon find that there are plenty of roofers who claim that they can do the job. But not all of them are the right roofers for you. So how can you sift through the list and find a roofer that you feel good about hiring? It takes a little digging, and it helps to ask questions to the roofing contractors you consider. But what questions to ask? In today’s blog, we’ll break down some questions to ask your roofing contractor in St. Louis before you hire anyone:

How Long Have You Been In Business?

This can be a tricky question because, of course, new roofing contractors need customers willing to take a chance on them so they can stay in business. But experience can speak to credibility, from the customer side of things. With so many roofing contractors opening shop one day and closing the next, seeing a roofer that’s been in business for 10 years or more certainly helps you to feel more confident that they know what they’re doing. It can also give you a sense of how well they know the area and climate, which can play into their expertise when it comes to installing your roof.

Is Your Business Truly Local?

There are local roofing contractors and then there are local branches of national roofing companies. The difference may not seem like much; they both work in the same area. But local roofing contractors are dependent on their reputation from their local customers. They’re more accountable to their customers because these are their friends and neighbors. They also often know the area more intimately.

What Kind of Warranties Do You Offer?

A warranty can give you some financial security — that if something goes wrong with your roof soon after it’s installed you won’t have to pay for more repairs and roof replacement. But not all warranties are equal and it’s important to look at the fine print with many companies. Some may boast lifetime warranties, but when you look more closely, those warranties are prorated or don’t cover everything you would expect them to cover. A warranty should tell you how much confidence the manufacturer and contractor have in the roof itself.

Are You Insured? What Kind of Insurance Do You Have?

Not all St. Louis roofing contractors are insured, nor do they have to be legally speaking. However, it can be helpful to you as a homeowner if the roofer you hire is insured. This means that should anything go wrong on the job, the repairs will be covered and you won’t be held liable. It’s helpful for your roofer to have both general liability insurance and workers compensation in order to fully protect you from any liability.

What Roofing Products Do You Use?

It’s not just important to find the right roofing contractor. It’s also important to find the right roof. Do they offer you options when it comes to your new roof? What manufacturers do they work with, and how well do those manufacturers trust them? For instance, at XteriorPRO, we offer roofs from GAF Roofing, one of the oldest and most trusted roofers in the country. We have even gained a distinction as a GAF Master Elite Roofer, something that can be said of only 3% of roofers in the country.

Will You Remove the Old Roof During the Installation?

This may seem like an obvious question but in some cases, some roofers may decide to simply add the new roof on top of the old roof. The problem is, when simply installing a new roof over an old roof, you might miss things like roof rot or problems with the decking. It’s more thorough and generally a better practice to remove the old roof and install the new roof over it.

What Does Your Estimate Include?

Most roofers will offer a free estimate before you sign with them so you get an idea of what the roof will cost. An honest roofer will also give you a breakdown of the cost so you know where your money goes into each part of the job and have a better understanding of what you’re signing up for. It should also come with an in-person inspection, taking a look at the current roof and measuring it thoroughly in order to give the most accurate estimate.

Who Is My Contact While the Roof Replacement Is Ongoing?

Roofing contractors should have a general contractor or project manager that you can contact while the project is ongoing in case you have any questions. Regardless of who this contact might be, your roofing contractor should be easy to reach and have open communication with you throughout the project.

Have questions about working with us as a roofing contractor? We’re happy to answer them. Contact XteriorPRO today for more information or to schedule a free quote.