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A 25% Drop In Their Utility Bill From Replacing Three Windows?

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A 25% Drop In Their Utility Bill From Replacing Only Three Low-Quality Double-Pane Windows?

True Story: One Of Our St. Louis Customers Saw A Huge 25% Drop In Their Utility Bill After We Replaced Only THREE Windows.

Listen, we really have installed thousands upon thousands of high-end Triple-Pane Replacement Windows across the St. Louis Metro area and kept our reputation squeaky clean.

And yes, of course, we continuously comb the American window industry to ensure the models we specialize in, and the manufacturer we partner with are THE VERY BEST.

For example, when it comes to Window Energy Efficiency, they simply can’t be beaten on a factual, scientifically proven, and demonstrated level.

And over the years, we’ve heard TONS of genuine feedback from our customers on how the quality we represent comes through.

But imagine this…

Imagine we go in and replace THREE old double-pane windows with updated models with all the options, Styles & Features you want. Then, just a handful of months down the road, you realize your utility bill has dropped by 25%!

We almost found it too hard to believe when we got the ecstatic call. We debated even mentioning it, because like the homeowner, at first, we thought perhaps they’d simply gotten the math wrong.

As it turned out, they hadn’t.

Here’s the kicker: can you picture in your mind just how poorly those older windows were performing? And these were full-frame installations we did, so we were able to show the homeowners how poor workmanship had contributed to the sizable energy leakage.

Accomplished! Yet Another Happy Homeowner

When you invest money into your home, you want to be happy with the results AND the process.

You want the benefits promised to you: efficiency, comfort, value, better soundproofing…the works!

From the initial call to the office or showroom to the sales consultation (where you should be educated and informed, not disrespected by gimmicks or nonsense) and an Impeccable Installation, you want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you made the right choice.

We make it easy. We consider EVERYTHING. We’re sticklers for the finer details. We make it quick and top-to-bottom professional. We provide care & maintenance tips and come through for the families who not only keep us in business but help us thrive!

Fact: We actually pay our extremely talented and CERTIFIED installers twice the industry average, so we only get callbacks on 1% of our projects, if that.

Leverage Our Buying Power: Triple-Pane At Double-Pane Prices

Want to know another core way we continue to create happy customers in every home we improve? Our negotiating power. The long-standing relationship with our manufacturer isn’t easy to get elsewhere: premium triple-pane windows at double-pane prices.

It’s one of the perks you enjoy when working with specialists, rather than your average St. Louis Window Company that will see you as just another quick buck.

It’s one of the perks of working with THE Window Depot in the area.

Why pay other contractors such high prices for inferior models?

Bottom Line: With Us, You Can Pay 34% Less For Better Windows

The moral of our article today is, we’re a sure thing. Like, if you pay bottom-dollar to the next ‘Chuck & His Truck’ operation that comes by, it’s a high-risk bet.

Whereas when you invest in the best, you get the best. It’s that simple. Give us a call whenever you’ve got a couple of minutes, and we’ll be happy to walk through the basics with you and schedule your Free Quote.

We very much look forward to hearing about you and your beautiful home!