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An Example Of How We Care For Our St. Louis Customers


Learn: Even During Extenuating Circumstances
With Us, Your St. Louis Home Is Cared For

Once you work with Window Depot USA of St. Louis and have us install new ultra-efficient Triple-Pane Windows into your St. Louis home, you become a part of our family.

And we ALWAYS take care of and look out for our family.

We’re one of those companies that simply do the right thing for our customers. For us, proper ‘Zero Compromises service isn’t just some cliche statement or marketing ploy, but literally how we approach every single replacement window project.

In today’s article, we’d like to chat with you about a perfect example so you know exactly what we mean.

Example: Customers From 2019 With Service Issues On Double-Hung Windows

This was a nice couple of older women, the Brown sisters, who had us come on out and help them upgrade their O’Fallon home with eight Stylish New Windows. We took care of most of their needs, but they decided to hold off on some quarter-rounds over large double-hung windows because of budgeting restraints.

Everything was fine until a few months later we got a call from them about a service issue.

They were having a problem with a twin window unit or two double-hung in the same opening.

Unfortunately, the long-standing PA manufacturer we worked with had gone out of business after 60 years. Why? Well, because of the nationwide events of 2020, which honestly wasn’t their fault or because of any defects with their window products.

The Core Problem: This meant there was no manufacturer warranty!

So, what could we do?

Just leave them hanging? No.

Just leave them with malfunctioning windows? No.

Just let them eat the costs of replacing the windows? No.

We did what we always do. We took care of them in accordance with our iron-clad No Customer Left Behind policy. We sent our Production Manager to their home for an assessment. And, when he decided that they should replace the windows, we paid out of pocket to ensure everything was perfect for the Brown sisters moving forward.

Then, We Got Yet Another Call About A Service Issue

Not too long down the road, we got another service call from the Browns. This time it had to do with one of their windows not locking. Over the phone, we asked a series of questions like, “Is the lock broken,” and we couldn’t get down to the bottom of the issue, so we visited their home once again.

This time it was a classic operator error. The windows were fine. The top sash just wasn’t engaging because the locks were in a closed position. All they had to do was slide the sash up a bit, and they locked it without any problem—a common trait of double-hung windows.

“Oh, well, that’s a relief. Let me go and check the other windows we’re experiencing this with,” she said.


Since we were on site, we asked if we could do the inspections on these other windows just to be sure.

“But you didn’t install those windows…”


And while that was true, we didn’t mind. Since we were already there we might be able to help right away, and they wouldn’t need to wait for the other company they worked with to get around to stopping by.


This is when we discovered some extremely sloppy installation work!

Forgive us for these large photos, but we want you to see what can happen when you work with window companies that don’t hire Professional Window Installers that care about the finer details.

Issue #1: Horrible Caulking

What you see in the image below is some of the worst caulking we’ve ever seen. It looks like the “installers” actually smeared it an inch into the frame with their fingers.

When you invest good money into high-quality windows, THIS is not the kind of workmanship you should get. No way. We’ve seen people DIY installations better than what the Brown sisters ended up with.

Issue #2: Dirty Out Of Reach Windows

The Brown sisters are rather advanced in years, not capable of getting way high up on a ladder to clean windows. But unfortunately, the other window company didn’t bother to clean the windows they installed: a large double-hung with a quarter-round at the top.

We would NEVER let that happen. If we got a call about this kind of thing, we would immediately send our people out to get up on the ladders and polish those windows to a perfect sheen which is our standard practice.

We told the Brown sisters to get on the phone with the other guys, a very large corporate company, and have them come out and get it taken care of!

Bottom Line: With Window Depot USA of St. Louis You’re 100% Taken Care Of

Even when extenuating circumstances happen, like a long-standing manufacturer that goes out of business, we take care of our customers. Even if we have to pay for things out of pocket (which admittedly happens very rarely), we’re proud to do it. We care about our customers. We care about our reputation. And we love what we do for St. Louis homeowners.

If you would like to learn more about us or our replacement window or door products, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us at your convenience. We’ll be more than happy to take the time and walk you through the specifics. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.