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Anatomy Of An Average Window Warranty And What To Check

Learn why most replacement window warranties are no good for St. Louis homeowners. | XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis

Anatomy Of The Average Replacement Window Warranty

And How They Stack Up Next To Our Oops-Proof Warranty

The laws that govern St. Louis replacement window contractors mandate that we offer at least one year of warranty coverage on our work. It’s a good law that protects homeowners from the “tail light warranty” types. You know, the contractors whose work is guaranteed only until their tail lights disappear after they leave.

While it’s nice to know that fly-by-night operations like that no longer exist here, one year still isn’t much of a promise when it comes to replacement windows. Window companies know they have to do better, so they offer 10-year, 20-year, or even lifetime warranties. How can they afford to do that? Easily — and with minimal risk.

The Fine Print Is Everything

You can put anything you want at the top of a warranty as long as the fine print doesn’t directly contradict what it says. It can, however, whittle away at the headline until it is virtually meaningless. How do they do that? Well, we’ll show you.


Most replacement windows come with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects for 10, 20, or more years. Contractors will take that warranty and claim it for themselves. “We cover our windows for 20 years!” — except they don’t. The fine print simply redirects the homeowner to talk to the manufacturer.


Manufacturing defects are exceptionally rare. Most problems are caught long before a window is shipped out. The true cause of almost all warranty work on replacement windows is improper installation, also known as a workmanship failure. If your warranty doesn’t cover the workmanship, it is pretty much useless except in rare instances. And even then, you’ll be covering the labor out of your pocket.


Coverage depreciation is the sneakiest provision in any replacement window warranty. Depreciation is a steady decrease in the amount of coverage you get over time. Most warranties will set the depreciation between 5 – 10% annually. So ten years into the life of your new windows, you’re covered for, at best, half the cost. At worst, you have almost no coverage at all.

Of course, they can’t take it all away before the term is up, but the final year of the warranty will only be good for something under 5% of the cost of a replacement.

How Our Warranty Works At XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis


We gave just as much attention to the quality of our replacement window warranty as we do to the quality of our installations. With us, that’s great news, but with other companies… well, it explains their reliance on the fine print to save their butts.

Everything — Literally

There is literally nothing that could go wrong with your replacement windows that our Lifetime Warranty doesn’t cover. Workmanship? Lifetime coverage. Defects? Lifetime coverage. If you have any problem with your replacement windows, we will take care of it no matter how many years have gone by. And when we say any problem, we mean any problem.

Oops-Proof Warranty

If you break the glass in your window, that’s OK. We’ve got you covered, even if it’s your fault. The only thing that matters is that you’re our customer, and you need help with your window.

No Legalese

Our warranty is written in simple language, so you don’t have to be a gymnast to navigate the legal twists and turns. You could hand it to one of your kids, and they could tell you all about your coverage after one read. It’s that clear.

No Depreciation

We don’t believe in playing games with our warranties. If we say it’s covered for life, it’s covered for life. With no prorating, and definitely no depreciating coverage.

Manufacturer Defects

If you ever experience the rare occasion of a manufacturer defect, we still don’t leave you hanging. We will work with the manufacturer on your behalf to ensure that everything is handled properly and the problem is fixed. Your only cost (and only after the first two years) is a nominal $75 fee to cover our labor costs.

Why We Can Afford To Offer
Such Amazing Coverage

Some might wonder how we can offer such all-inclusive warranties when the rest of the industry does everything they can to get out of warranty work. Well, it’s simple. Instead of relying on legal backflips to get out of honoring our warranties, we bend over backward to make sure you’ll never need to use your warranty.

First, we refuse to carry anything but the finest available triple-pane windows and have them built to our standards. Then, we follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to the letter on every window we install. And finally, we are constantly checking for any problems throughout the installation process, no matter how minor. And if we find a problem during our final walkthrough, we fix it then and there.

When the product is perfect, and every single installation is textbook, warranties are a non-issue. Most window companies consider warranties as some kind of dare. Not us. Our warranties are a solemn vow. Heck, we’ll even let you transfer your warranty to the next owner. We’re that confident that they won’t fail.

Buying your replacement windows from XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis offers unequaled peace of mind. Forever.

If you’re ready to get replacement windows for your St. Louis area home, contact us at XteriorPRO / Window Depot USA of St. Louis for a free quote.