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Best Value: Investing In Siding Repairs Or New James Hardie Siding?

Best Value: Investing In Siding Repairs Or New James Hardie Siding?

Best Value: Investing In Siding Repairs Or New James Hardie Siding?

You May Think You’re Saving Money
By Repairing Instead Of Replacing.

But Repairing Your Old Siding Is Usually
A Costly Uphill Battle You Can’t Win.

By Jason Quillman, Co-Owner

Is your siding old and worn-down? If so, you’re probably facing the same dilemma other St. Louis metro homeowners in your situation do: “Do I repair what I currently have or replace it with something like James Hardie siding?”

If you’re like most homeowners, your first inclination is to lean toward repair. That’s understandable. Siding repair is cheaper than replacement, it doesn’t take as long, and it’s less invasive. Repair might even be the right choice if you need a one-off fix.

But if you’re having to constantly repair your siding? Then you’re wasting dollars delaying the inevitable: full-blown siding replacement.

Consider this: Would you take a 25-year-old clunker to your mechanic every three months for a different repair? No way!

That’s roughly as practical as using your cash as bonfire kindle. As soon as you fix the transmission, the engine screws up. As soon as you get the engine repaired, the brakes start to grind. As soon as you get the brakes fixed, the suspension acts up.

Have you ever heard the Greek story of Sisyphus? He was condemned to roll a giant boulder up a hill for eternity. As soon as he got the boulder to the top, the boulder rolled back down. Wash, rinse, repeat. For life.

The Sisyphus Effect applies not just to continually repairing old clunker cars. It also applies to old clunker siding.

Are you dumping countless dollars into siding repairs? If so, you’re fighting an uphill battle.
Are you dumping countless dollars into siding repairs? If so, you’re fighting an uphill battle.

Here’s the other problem: The longer you wait to replace your siding, the more expensive your siding replacement will cost you.

According to the magazine Remodeling, the average siding replacement has risen $2,908 since 2016. That’s a $581 increase per year. The return on investment for new siding has kept pace, but the cost of all those years of repairing your old siding wipes out a good chunk of the value you could have recouped if you’d replaced your siding earlier. Patching holes and replacing panels yields next to no return on investment if the siding is already old and rundown.

“But Jason, I Can’t Afford New Siding Right Now!”

I hear you. And I’m not trying to scare you into buying new siding right here and now. There are plenty of instances in which siding repairs are the way to go. I’m simply saying if you’re holding onto siding that’s well past its “expiration date,” you’re doing yourself (and your wallet) no favors.

Here’s the good news: Though you may not think you can afford new siding right now, you probably can. You just don’t realize it!

As I discussed in a recent article about windows, financing is your best friend—even if you have the full amount of cash on hand for your project.

Going back to the clunker analogy, think about how you pay for a new car. You might put some money down on it, but you’re probably not going to pay the entire amount up front, even if you have the full $35K in the bank. So you finance instead.

When you look at siding replacement from this perspective, doesn’t it seem much more within reach? Especially when you consider just how customizable and budget-friendly a lot of today’s financing is.

For example, here’s a look at four of our most popular financing plans:

  • Plan #1: 9.99% APR for 132 months
  • Plan #2: 7.99% APR for 61 months
  • Plan #3: 5.99% APR for 37 months
  • Plan #4: 0% APR if paid off within 18 months (most popular)

With the appropriate credit, you get to choose which plan is best for your situation. Not only that, but you add tremendous value to your home AND stop bleeding cash with repairs that add zero value. Win-win-win.

You score an extra victory when you replace your old siding with James Hardie fiber cement siding. Hardie siding dramatically boosts curb appeal, lasts a long time, and delivers the hands-down best return on investment (ROI) of any siding material—as high as 85% as soon as it’s installed.

You can visit our Why Fiber Cement page for the in-depth details, but here’s the bottom line: While siding replacement costs more than repairs up front, it’s less expensive in the long run. This is especially true if you replace your siding before you’ve sunk hundreds or thousands of dollars into Band-Aid-fix repairs. For a firm, fair, and accurate quote on ROI-maximizing James Hardie fiber cement siding in the St. Louis metro area, get in touch today.