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Case Study: A Fantastic St. Louis Area Window Replacement

A St. Louis Window Replacement Case Study

Replacing, Updating Kitchen & Study Windows
With New Custom Arrangements

We recently did some replacement window work here for a hardworking St. Louis family that involved kitchen windows, a covered patio area, as well as a study. The goal? To reorient the style of their home while adding the benefits of quality features of these products.

This was a project with 24 separate high-quality triple-pane windows and an energy efficiency sliding patio door for their Weldon Spring home.

First, let’s take a look at the sliding glass door.

Together with the windows to the sides, it really brought more nature and their beautiful view into their home. Now they not only have much easier access to the outdoor living space (where they have a nice hot tub and grill), but it’s visually appealing and provides strong, stout security measures they can depend on.

The sliding glass door that was there before was of lower quality, so it didn’t have the same impact on their monthly utility bills.

In the family room where they spend most of their time, on each side of their fireplace we replaced old double-pane double-hung windows with quality triple-pane windows with rectangular transoms in lieu of the old half rounds.

Here’s what they looked like before: old, hazy, outdated, popular in the 1990s.

And here are the updated models we installed with absolute precision. As you can see, they really bring the room to life, let in more light, and the new look is more modern.

From the outside, they really boost the overall aesthetic or style as well, which is exactly what the family was going for. These windows improve both their indoor experience and the value of their home!

What about the kitchen? It had a slider window with a big half-round that the family wanted to be squared off so as to look more modern as well.

This is what it looked like before our demolition:

From there, we went in, took out the half-round, then replaced the drywall and siding so everything is secure and well-insulated. This is what it looks like now, although we aren’t professional painters, so we didn’t take care of that part of the project.

From the outside, it looks cleaner and more contemporary while adding a bit more wall space (they’re going to mount a TV outside!) as well. We also added more decorative trim, jamb extensions, and casing.

Results: Another Successful Project And A Happy Family

If your St. Louis-area home could use a facelift, and if you’re ready to reap the rewards and benefits of premium triple-pane windows, simply pick up the phone and Contact Us. We’ll be happy to walk you through the specifics, explore the possibilities, and chat about the potential options. Thanks so much for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.