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Case Study – The Time We Saved A Homeowner From Her Haunted House


The Time We Saved A Homeowner From Her Haunted House

Installation Is Always Key

When Mary hired a local St. Louis exterior home contractor to install her new windows, she had no idea she’d be celebrating Halloween every time the wind blew.

Everything seemed to be okay when the original contractor installed her new windows. They looked great and even opened and closed as advertised. But once the workers were gone and the wind started to blow, her home filled with ghostly moans.

Unfortunately, the original contractor couldn’t solve her problem, so she invited five new home contractors to take a look and offer up their solution to her spooky problem.

All agreed that her problem resulted from insufficient insulation around the windows, but two of the companies insisted that she’d have to buy their windows before they’d do any work.

Mary, not interested in spending thousands on yet another set of windows, looked to the other contractors for better ideas.

It’s All In The Details

One contractor took a closer look at her home and realized that along with the shoddy work on her windows, the people who installed her siding were either woefully inexperienced or just didn’t care about their work.

Some of the siding was attached too tight, some too loose, and most were crooked. Also, the original contractor used the wrong type of trim. All in all, her siding was a straight-up disaster.

Honesty Is Key

While all of the remaining contractors were willing to fix her window issues (without forcing her to buy new ones), only one contractor was bold enough to tell her that she needed to replace her siding, too.

Even at the risk of losing the job, the contractor’s honesty about what Mary truly needed to make her project successful won the day.

That contractor was, of course, XteriorPRO / Windows Depot USA of St. Louis. And it wasn’t just any old rep giving her the bad news, but the co-owner, Jason Quillman, delivering the quote.

Since the company that first installed her siding was no longer in business (big shock, right?), Mary accepted our recommendations, and we got to work.

No More Ghosts

First, we stripped away the drunken lines of her old siding. Then, we placed the same high-grade insulation that we use for our replacement windows around Mary’s recently purchased windows. Once the windows were re-installed correctly, we proceeded to install the new siding.

We gave her home a fresh shell of perfectly hung, straight-as-an-arrow siding that will last for decades. When we were finished, her home looked fantastic, and there was no mess left behind for her to clean up.

And when the wind blew, those ghostly moans were gone. Halloween was finally over at Mary’s home.

Plus, of course, if Mary were to have any problems in the future, our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty guarantees that she’ll never have to look for another contractor to fix our mistakes.

If you need work done on your St. Louis area home and only want to do it once, contact us at XteriorPRO / Windows Depot USA of St. Louis for a free quote.