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Choosing The Right Siding And Trim Color Combination

Siding And Trim Color Combination

How fun, you’re getting ready to revamp the style of your home and want to get it right with the siding and trim colors.

While there are near endless possibilities to choose from for those going the DIY route, the core tried-and-trues are a great place to start.

Let’s quickly jot through them.

The important thing to remember is these are stalwart options you can accent, personalize, and customize to your heart’s content.

Common Siding & Trim Color Combos:

  • White House — White Trim (completely neutral).
  • White House — Tan Trim (much warmer).
  • Blue House — White/Gray Trim (an American classic).
  • Gray House — White Trim (sharp and bold).
  • Tan House — Beige Trim (for an earthy look).
  • Beige House — Tan Trim (rustic; almost wooden).
  • Beige House — Beige Trim (old-fashioned craftsman or bungalow).
  • Green House — White Trim (little retro, but easy to accent).
  • Red House — Beige Trim (bright and colorful without being a barn).

For our customers, here at XteriorPRO we meticulously install ultra-durable and high-performance fiber cement Siding Systems from James Hardie.

And one of the huge benefits is their Coloring & Style Options.

They’re fantastic!

After being in the business for so long, Hardie has done a spectacular job capturing a spectrum with wide appeal in our St. Louis Metro area and across the country.

Let’s look at some of their main siding colors to give you an idea.

Here you have the base white, tan, and beige blends leading towards a darker timber color.

Next up are the grays and blues that you can blend with lighter or darker shades to really add flare. The siding and trim won’t just fade into the background like on an average-looking home.

And finally, we have the Aged Pewter, Iron Gray, and Mountain Sage. So Hardie covers all the fundamental bases and then gives you plenty of room to experiment.

Whether you have a vintage or modern home, you get a stunning aesthetic WITH all the added benefits of Fiber Cement Siding.

  • You get the look you want, including the look of wood and shingles.
  • It’s durable, made for our climate, and five times thicker than vinyl to withstand Mother Nature’s worst.
  • Fiber cement siding lasts a long time (50+ years), at least three times longer than vinyl. And yet, it has the same life expectancy as high-quality BRICK and requires minimal maintenance.

Last but not least, you get a great return on your investment and an absolutely rock-solid 30-year non-prorated Labor & Material warranty. Generations and generations of homes have benefited from this kind of value and gorgeous design.

After Styling Research, Contact The Siding Professionals

Once you have a good grasp on the basic kind of look you’re going for, talk with your local siding professionals who help homeowners like you design and install these systems for a living. In the same way, you would bring your ideas to an interior designer to lend their expertise to your vision.

For homeowners in St. Louis Metro, you can Contact XteriorPRO at your nearest convenience and get straight answers, genuine design expertise, an honest quote, and friendly, affordable service. We’ve helped so many homes around here beam with distinction, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.