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Discover Why XteriorPRO Customers Keep On Coming Back


Exterior Remodeling Quality & Transparency

Discover Why XteriorPRO Customers Keep Coming Back

Something you should always get a feel for when choosing an exterior remodeler, is their local reputation. It’s absolutely critical! How a company treats their customers and how their customers respond can tell you almost everything you need to know.

That said, if you look into Our Reputation, what you’re going to find is this: we’ve earned the trust of local St. Louis County homeowners over the span of the last decade.

In today’s article, we’d like to give you a couple examples that demonstrate our levels of quality and transparency. These will help you understand why so many customers don’t just refer us to family, friends, and coworkers, but they come back to us for their future exterior remodeling projects.

Example #1: Being Honest About Hail Damage Claims

We recently had a previous customer (who we installed siding for) come back to us to get an estimate on our premium Triple-Pane Windows – a project that required 15-20 brand new replacements.

They would simply not go to anyone else.

To them, there was no point…

But why?

Because they already KNOW they can trust us. We aren’t going to do anything unethical. We’re going to tell them the…God’s honest truth. And nothing but. Even if it means we lose out on a project.

For example, a couple months beforehand there was a rather aggressive hail storm. They had a roofer come out to their place to take a look at the roof. And what did he tell them?

“Oh yeah, there’s some serious damage up there. You should definitely file a claim with your insurance company.”


Before doing so they gave us a call, as we’re a local Master Elite Roofing Installer in the St. Louis Metro area.

Guess what? There was no roofing damage.

Sure, we could’ve easily echoed what the roofing contractor told them and gotten a slice of that action, but that would have been a lie. We’re not storm chasers. We’ve done tons of roof work when there’s been real hail damage, but we ensure complete 100% transparency each time.

Nothing shady whatsoever.

Example #2: New Roof Work Causing More Harm Than Good

Similarly, we had a previous homeowner who had us work on their first investment home and after such a great experience, he wasn’t afraid to ask us for our honest assessment when an inspector from an engineering firm told them to report hail damage to their roof.

Again, we came out and took a look.

What did we find?

Very minor mechanical damage. Meaning someone dropped their hammer and nicked a couple shingles. There was nothing up there actually jeopardizing the integrity of the roof.

This was after the owner was told it was,

“The worst hail damage they’d ever seen!”


Nope. Not true. In fact, hiring us to go up there and remove a bunch of tile for such minor damage would have caused more of a problem than the value of repairing it! So, we told them to save their money and headaches.

Bottom Line: XteriorPRO Takes Care Of Customers And Our Important Local Reputation – Call Us When You Need An Honest Assessment

If you’re in the St. Louis metro area or around St. Louis County and you would appreciate working with an exterior remodeler who you can trust isn’t going to gaslight you or treat you unethically, simply reach out and Contact XteriorPRO today.

Our local reputation is strong and thriving because we aren’t willing to risk it for a roofing job or a window project. We’re going to give it to you straight without leaving you hanging or wondering what’s what. Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.