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Do New Windows Increase Home Value?

Image of beautiful triple pane windows in a cozy bedroom with white frames, flowing white curtains, and clean energy efficiency glass that were installed in the St. Louis Metro area by XteriorPRO.

Is your home your largest and most important financial asset? For the majority of homeowners, that’s definitely the case… so wanting to continually improve that investment is natural!

Did you know homeowners typically invest in anywhere from 4-to-9 (around $400 billion annually) different projects throughout their lifetime in ‘the family’ home?

Replacement windows are among the most popular. The big Go To!

We can attest to this trend because we commonly help homeowners in our area of the country (St. Louis Metro, MO) with roofing and siding along with replacement windows and doors.

But why are windows always near the top of the list?

Because replacing windows is one of the best, highest Return On Investment (ROI) remodeling options!

You’re here because you want to know how much ROI we’re talking about. How many dollars and cents will be added to your home’s value?

First, let’s talk about variables. Your ROI depends on:

  • The specific type of windows you invest in. Will they be single or double-hung? Double or triple-pane? Picture, casement, awning, custom? With so many choices and manufacturers, working with a great contractor saves a ton of time and money here (Discover Styles & Features).
  • The aesthetics. How pristine and pretty are the windows? And, how well do they complement the overall style of the home? This is where you start running into the finer details of the products and how each impacts their look. For example, our windows are crafted with a number of trend-setting design features (Learn More About Triple Pane).
  • The type of materials your windows are made of — vinyl, aluminum, wood, fiberglass? Perhaps a combination like our premium vinyl triple pane windows with optional real wood interiors. Again, there are so many options!
  • Both national and local marketplace pressures. Keep in mind the cost of high-quality windows tends to rise a little bit each year.
  • Your installer. If the replacement windows have lots of issues, need regular repairs, or replacing because of installation problems… this eats away at ROI. Ideally, you’ll work with an installer who’s downright obsessive about the details (Explore First-Class Installation).
  • The specs on the windows: glass, framing, weatherstripping, manufacturer, etc.

Energy Efficiency! What It’s Really All About

If you were to call 100 homeowners from across the nation and ask them why they replaced their windows, the #1 answer would be energy efficiency. The #2 answer would be to refresh the look of the home. To update old worn-out or cheap windows.

For ROI numbers, all we can do without knowing you or your unique situation is point to consumer watchdogs and associations within the industry.

Here are three examples.

  • Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report: 68-72%
  • The National Association of the Remodeling Industry: 71% with quality vinyl models.
  • Modernize: Up to 85% when you add in high-quality energy-efficiency framing materials.

In truth, the average hovers somewhere in the 65-75% range.

Then, over time, the windows pay for themselves and increase their ROI through energy savings. By now, you should be starting to see that it’s no simple task to calculate ROI. The only real way to know what yours will be is to talk with a local window professional.

Here at XteriorPRO, our consultants can come out and quickly give you all the details. Where we differ is we only install high-quality, ultra-efficient windows. Together with our manufacturers, our windows outperform the competition for better ROI.

  • Premium foam-filled frames made of the finest materials.
  • Innovative triple-pane design for superior U-Factor ratings.
  • The use of special argon/krypton gas and greater gas fills.
  • Low-e glass (a type of glass with a special coating to reflect infrared rays).
  • Outstanding Energy Star ratings (See For Yourself).
  • Warm edge spacers, and more!

We’re not saying all this to brag, but to help give you a sense of why the top-of-the-line windows are among the most common investments for homeowners in your position.

They check all the marks.

If you stay in the home, you get to enjoy all the benefits and watch your energy savings rack up. If you sell the home, you get the lion’s share of your investment back so they end up costing far less.


Wrapping Up: New Windows Generally Increase Home Value By 65-75% Of Your Investment (ROI)

Let’s say you chose to invest $15,000 in new replacement windows for your home. Generally speaking, the ROI in increased home value should be around $11,000. Then you factor in energy savings, and you can start doing more math from there.

If you’re in the St. Louis Metro area and would like to know more about our triple pane windows, Contact XteriorPRO / “your local” Window Depot today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, address any concerns, and get you scheduled for a free in-home consultation. We hope this article has been informative for you, and thanks for your time today.