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Every Company Claims To Have The Best Windows. So Who’s Lying?

Every Company Claims To Have The Best Windows. So Who’s Lying?

Every Company Claims To Have The Best Windows.
So Who’s Lying?

If All St. Louis County Contractor Say They Have
The Best Windows, Simple Math Says All But One Is A Liar.


Let’s face it—when replacing your windows in the St. Louis metro area, you have a ton of brands to choose from. And not all of them are created equal… not by a long shot.

The thing is, it’s hard to know just which windows will provide you with the most value for your money; every single company will tell you they have the best windows.

I get it—these companies just want to make a sale. But the dictionary definition of “best” is “excelling all others.” This means if everyone says they have the best windows, all but one of them must be lying. After all, only one window can “excel” all others. Just like how only one NFL team can be Super Bowl champ and only one movie can win the Best Picture Oscar.

So how do you cut through the marketing hype and fluff to determine objectively if a window is as good as advertised? Here are a few ways…

Check The Window’s Energy Efficiency RatingsCheck The Window’s Energy Efficiency Ratings

Numbers don’t lie. So if you want to see whether a window’s energy efficiency actually stacks up, take a look at the ratings on its energy sticker on the actual window—particularly U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Air Leakage. Make sure the sticker has the official National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) seal. This will prove that the window’s energy efficiency has been independently verified by the NFRC.

NFRC Label
A window’s energy sticker will show you exactly how efficient that window is.

Unfortunately, finding energy ratings on a window company’s actual website is typically easier said than done. You’ll find all sorts of talk about their windows having the “best” efficiency… but you’ll rarely find the numerical proof to back it up.

I don’t really know why many companies don’t reveal their windows’ energy ratings on their websites. But I do know this means it makes it harder for YOU to get the information you need to make the best purchasing decision.

We make things easy on you. Our Window Energy Efficiency page goes into easy-to-digest details about optimal energy efficiency for St. Louis County, as well as the exact ratings for our windows.

Window Depot Blog Post - Car ComparisonWindow Features

Think of the different models of a car. You’ve typically got a Base model (minimal features), a Better model (a decent number of features), and a Best model (every conceivable feature).

Take the Chevy Camaro, for instance. There’s the LS model (Base), the SS model (Better), and the ZL1 (Best).

The LS comes standard with a 2.0L Turbo I4 275hp engine, 18” silver-painted aluminum wheels, and a touch-screen interface. Basically, it’s an entry-level Camaro—a stripped-down version for folks working within a strict budget. MSRP: $25,995.

Then there is the ZL1. This bad boy has a 6.2L Supercharged DI V8 650hp engine, 20” dark-graphite wheels, heated steering wheel, reverse-parking assistance, 8” HD touch screen, and dozens of other features the LS lacks. It even has shock absorbers that adjust in real-time in response to changes in the terrain! MSRP: $62,995.

Bottom line: The ZL1 is more expensive, but there is no question it is objectively better than the LS based on features. A 650 hp engine beats a 275hp engine. Twenty-inch wheels beat 18” wheels. And so on.

This feature-based comparison works the same way for windows. You can gauge a window’s quality by the materials from which it’s made and the number of features it has.

For example, our windows are triple pane and contain Krypton gas between the panes. Efficiency-wise, triple pane is objectively superior to double pane, while Krypton gas is verifiably better than Argon gas because it’s twice as dense. The result is that our triple pane windows are 52% more efficient than the average double pane window. (Remember, numbers don’t lie!)

In a nutshell: We sell the “ZL1” model of replacement window in St. Louis County. Not only are they made with the most efficient materials, but they also come standard with “bells and whistles” like flexible screens, self-cleaning glass, and high-end aesthetic features.

The difference is that our windows don’t come with a hefty price tag. Since we’re the local Window Depot USA, we’re able to sell “fully loaded” triple pane windows at prices similar to many companies’ double pane windows. Click here for more details.

Company ReputationCompany Reputation

At the end of the day, it’s all about TRUSTING the window company you’re talking to. When they tell you that they have excellent windows, do you believe them?

The best way to know if a company is trustworthy is to look at their reputation. Does the company have lots of glowing online reviews? Has the company won awards for their work, products, and service? Will the company supply you with a reference list of past customers you can talk to?

Because here’s the thing: As a homeowner, it can be hard to tell which brands and models of windows are actually worth the money; picking out a great window requires a surprising amount of technical knowledge.

But when you hire a trustworthy company, you won’t have to worry about learning all there is to know about U-Factor, weather stripping, air-infiltration ratings, and insulated frames. They’ll provide you with the RIGHT window and information… while sparing you the hype-filled claims.