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Exposed: Why Some GAF Master Elite Roofers Are Just Pretenders

Exposed: Why Some GAF Master Elite Roofers Are Just Pretenders

Exposed: Why Some GAF Master Elite Roofers
Are Just Pretenders

Master Elite Roofers Can Provide Your With GAF’s
Best Warranties—But Many Of Them Don’t. Here’s Why…


As you might have seen mentioned on our website, GAF (our roofing manufacturer) has what’s called “Master Elite” certification. Master Elite roofers are the only ones that can offer the Golden Pledge Warranty, which is GAF’s top warranty that provides 50 years of coverage on materials and 25 years of coverage on labor.

To qualify for Master Elite certification, a roofer must meet a number of stringent requirements that GAF sets (you can see these requirements on our Master Elite Installation page). As a result, only about 3% of all companies qualify for the distinction.

Since getting Master Elite certification is so hard, you’d think all Master Elite roofers in the St. Louis metro area would provide the best installation and Golden Pledge Warranty… right?

No. Not by a long shot.

As of this writing, there are about 15 Master Elite roofers in the St. Louis metro area… and only two (one being us) utilize Golden Pledge protocols the way GAF wants them to.

Why such a low number? Basically, it boils down to time and money.

To provide the Golden Pledge Warranty, a Master Elite roofer must install all GAF materials and adhere to a very specific set of installation standards. If even one component of the roof is not GAF—or just one of their standards isn’t followed—a roof doesn’t qualify for the Golden Pledge Warranty.

Since Golden Pledge standards create higher costs and labor hours for Master Elite roofers, most simply choose to offer GAF’s lesser warranties.

Beware Of The “Frankenstein” RoofBeware Of The “Frankenstein” Roof

A “Frankenstein” roof is what I call it when Master Elite roofers use a mishmash of different brands of components when installing your roof.

If a roof is even 95% GAF/5% “Frankenstein,” it doesn’t qualify for the Golden Pledge Warranty. GAF is fervidly strict about this. Their roofing system is manufactured to the highest precision, so all components perfectly complement one another like cogs in a well-oiled machine.

When you start adding non-GAF parts, you throw a wrench in those cogs. Sure, the parts will still work with the roof. But you aren’t getting that maximum level of performance that GAF has meticulously developed.

Here’s a quick example of what I’m talking about…

GAF makes their own starter strip shingles. These shingles are specifically manufactured to go underneath the visible shingles of a GAF roof to provide amazing weather and water protection.

Unfortunately, some roofers (including Master Elites) use cut-up 3-tab shingles in place of GAF’s official starter shingles. The problem? Cut-up 3-tab shingles aren’t made to be used as starter shingles. When you cut up a 3-tab shingle, the adhesive strip on the back is in the incorrect position. As a result, it will adhere poorly, which makes it easier to come off in high winds.

That’s what I mean when I say “Frankenstein” roof. Not only does this approach disqualify your roof from the Golden Pledge Warranty, it also affects its overall performance.

Do You Really Need The Golden Pledge Warranty?

GAF Golden Pledge
That depends. Do you want your roof to be comprised of all the highest-quality components? Do you want your roof installed to the strictest installation standards? Do you want the longest protection possible, so you never have to worry about your roof again?

Because here’s what you get with the Golden Pledge Warranty…

  • 50 years of non-prorated coverage on all materials
  • 25 years of non-prorated coverage on all labor
  • 25 years of coverage on flashing misapplication
  • Lifetime $0.00 cost for labor, tear-off, and disposal
  • Assurance that ONLY industry-best products and installation practices were used on your roof

That’s peace of mind you won’t find with any other roofing warranty.

Added Bonus: Our Own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

In addition to offering the Golden Pledge Warranty, we at XteriorPRO provide you with our own Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

Why have two workmanship warranties (GAF’s and our own)?

Let’s face it: Anything can happen. If my company is not around for you for some odd reason (pigs will fly before that happens), the workmanship on your roof is still protected by GAF for a long, long time.

You also benefit the other way around. Our workmanship warranty is for life, while GAF’s workmanship warranty is 25 years with the Golden Pledge Warranty. So even when your Golden Pledge workmanship warranty expires, the workmanship on your roof is still covered by us—forever.

Bottom Line

Master Elite roofers that don’t offer the Golden Pledge Warranty want to be Master Elite in name only. They don’t want to put in the work it takes to provide the best possible result.

That’s a shame, too. When people call a Master Elite roofer, they do so because of the trust factor the Master Elite distinction evokes. That’s why, as a Master Elite roofer, I feel it’s my responsibility to make the Golden Pledge Warranty to every single customer—zero exceptions.