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Full-Frame Window Replacement


Quick Guide: Full-Frame Window Replacement vs. Insert Installs In St. Charles

If you’re a St. Louis Metro homeowner looking to see the finer details and difference between a full-frame window placement vs. insert, this is the article for you.

After so many years, considered by many to be the best replacement window company in St. Charles, the team at XteriorPRO truly understands the position you’re in.

When it’s time to invest in new windows, you feel like a tsunami of choices descends upon you!

And if you’re like the VAST majority of our customers, it’s your first time having to make this decision. There are so many Styles & Features to choose from, not to mention price points, aesthetic qualities, and a smorgasbord of both national and international brands.

The two most common questions you face are:

  • What specific type of window should I invest in? Wood? Vinyl? Fiberglass? Double, or Triple-Pane?
  • Should I get a full-frame window replacement or just go with inserts?

Let’s demystify the process a bit for you.

What Is An Insert Replacement Window Installation?

When you head down to the local big-box home improvement store and meander through the window section, most if not all of those are inserts. These are windows that basically just fit right into your existing frame. Installers don’t need much training, and they’re only going to replace the sash, potentially the hardware and covers.

  • The Main Pro: Typically, insets are the most inexpensive option, both in terms of material & construction quality and low-to-no installation costs. At least it seems that way, but you have to keep in mind that low-quality, mass-produced, cookie-cutter inserts aren’t designed or manufactured to last. The lower you go, the lower the performance.
  • The Main Issue: For inserts, you need to have good frames. For example, you would need structurally sound framing made for inserts for wood. Or, the frames would need to be aluminum, and there could be other issues like gaps and so forth; not a perfect fit.

So, suppose you already love everything about your windows, and the framing is right. In that case, inserts might make sense as long as you don’t mind higher maintenance costs and lower energy efficiency and security performance.

Why Is A Full-Frame Window Replacement Ideal?

Now we’re talking about highly-trained, certified installers coming in and removing the entire existing window frame down to the studs. We get to see what’s going on there and inspect for structural issues or water damage you wouldn’t see when simply installing an insert.

We’re going to remove the interior, and exterior trim, perhaps even a small section of siding (which afterward will be repaired), and completely expose the original opening.

  • The Main Pro: With inserts, generally speaking, your styling and the size of your window are limited. But with a full-frame, you have a much wider range of potential Replacement Windows.
  • The Main Issue: Higher-quality and long-lasting performance costs more upfront. For example, we only work with Triple-Pane models from ProVia. And our higher-paid, certified installers cost more as well. In the end, you get better energy efficiency, condensation resistance, and soundproofing.

And make no mistake, installation matters. Not just in terms of performance, but the outstanding Lifetime Workmanship Warranties you can get. Don’t settle for less than a contractor like XteriorPRO that operates under a Zero Compromises policy you can count on!

Wrapping Up – Which Is Right For You?

Those are the basics of full-frame window installations and simple inserts. If you would like to learn a lot more and dig into the specifics with a trained specialist, simply pick up your phone and Contact XteriorPRO.

We’re happy to take the time, answer all your initial questions, then set you up for a free consultation and quote for your project. No muss. No fuss.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!