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Get The Eagle-Eye-View Of 2022 For St. Louis’s Window Depot

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The Eagle-Eye View: The Year 2022 For This St. Louis Window Depot

Tons of High-Quality Work, Great Reviews,
And Better Lead Times.

Thanks to so many great local families, we’ve been one of the busiest St. Louis Window Replacement Companies in Missouri!

To put that in perspective, we’re talking about roughly 180-200 projects across St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and a bit of Jefferson County (Hillsboro & Pevely). And keep in mind, we’re not some gigantic corporate outfit with a fleet of teams buzzing around. We’re your local Window Depot.

That being said…

  • How do we do it?
  • How do we continue to pull this off year after year?
  • How do we handle this much work, and yet keep our standards as high as we do?
  • How do we keep every project moving along smoothly, and keep our customers happy?

Without getting too deep into the weeds here, the #1 tool we use to ensure NO Customer Gets Left Behind, is our commitment to honest, upfront, crystal-clear communication. It’s something we harp on a lot. It’s critical! Being great communicators is one of our calling cards.

We aren’t ok with unanswered calls, unreturned emails and voicemails, or letting people feel like they’ve somehow fallen through the cracks. This is why we have such outstanding customer reviews from well over 100 families.

A Trio Of Recent Reviews

Let’s look at a trio of recent reviews published around when we put this article together.

Honest, on-time, stayed within estimate, excellent communication, excellent product quality & installation, no hassle warranty, and outstanding management & personnel.

That was from a complex project that involved multiple trades and a whole lot of coordination. This second one revolved around new Replacement Window Installation.

I will always use XteriorPro – after contractors have made a mess of my house, XteriorPro was able to correct it. I feel they’re honest & they’ll always work with you.

Our third 5-star review is about some gutter guards we did for a home in desperate need!

They listened to my request and worked with me to do the best job for my gutter covering. This product is MUCH better than my previous gutter cover and they were flexible with the design and any changes we made. I would recommend this product and company.”

Better Lead Times Compared To The Competition!

Another reason our process is low-stress and smooth, is because we’ve bent over backward over the last couple years to ensure we don’t have crazy backlogs piling up. While most others are going through supply chain difficulties, we’re able to get our materials and products like windows much quicker than the industry norm for 2022.

Combined with responsibly-set expectations and our commitment to meeting deadlines, and a near complete lack of issues…we keep a swift pace! With us you’re not going to be hanging in the wind for months on end waiting for new windows.

Moving Forward – 2023 & Beyond

If you’re interested in meeting a customer-first exterior remodeler, with over a decade of local 5-star service, reach out and contact us today. We’re happy to lend our ear, give you the quality information you need, or schedule your Free Quote Consultation at your nearest convenience. We’re not going anywhere, and we look forward to serving this community in 2023 and beyond.