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Getting Ghosted By Remodelers? XteriorPRO Will Find A Way!


XteriorPRO Will Find A Way

When Other St. Louis Exterior Remodelers
Tell You ‘Not Today!’

Over the last decade we’ve been extremely proud to serve the good people of St. Louis County, providing premium cutting-edge exterior remodeling solutions: siding, roofing, and windows.

To say we have a soft spot for local homeowners and their families would be an understatement.

This is why we always find a way, and ‘Never Leave A Customer Behind’ is our set-in-stone policy.

We don’t turn people away.

We don’t send them packing because their project doesn’t fit some sort of predetermined revenue numbers.

And, we’re not the ‘Quick & Dirty’ type of remodeler that sticks only to the fast, easy projects either.

When other lesser-quality remodelers turn people down, we find a way.

For Example: A 3-Story Commercial Brick Building

At XteriorPRO we’ve always been focused on residential buildings. Not commercial.

Commercial buildings are a whole different ball game that exposes our company to different variables we don’t usually deal with when it comes to your local St. Louis metro residence.

That said, recently, we had a return client come to us about a building they invested in; they’re going to completely remodel it. It’s a 3-story brick building that used to be an apartment building. It’s empty now, with old outdated and inefficient residential wood windows.

He wants us to go in and replace all 28 of them with new premium Triple-Pane Windows.

This particular individual spoke with two other local St. Louis metro companies, but they ghosted him. They never got back. No calls. No emails. Nothing.

How rude! But, why?

Because this commercial job with residential windows is going to require some real elbow grease. Real expertise. It’s going to require a bit more work and process to get everything absolutely picture perfect.

Unfortunately, this is pretty typical when it comes to the larger (volume-based) competitors of ours. They just want to be able to arrive, smack in some new windows replacements, without any custom work or messing with trim, etc. – and collect their money.

At XteriorPRO We Don’t Run Away

As a smaller family-run company local to the area, we ALWAYS go the extra yard. When folks like this give us a call, we do the right thing. We don’t cut corners and try for an easy fix. We do whatever it takes so that the folks who choose us aren’t just glad… they’re ecstatic!

If you’re in our St. Louis County Service Areas, we’re going to come through for you in a professional, affordable, and accessible way.

  • We invite you to learn more about Our Exterior Remodeling Process
  • Browse our customer reviews and see for yourself that we make Zero Compromises on quality, workmanship, and treating people RIGHT.
  • At XteriorPRO we put a lot of effort and focus into Crystal-Clear Communication so that you always know where you stand, what to expect, and why you’ve made the right choice.

Bottom Line: If You’re Getting Turned Away, Call XteriorPRO

While we can’t make any promises and say we’re going to accept every single potential project that comes our way (this would be irresponsible), we can guarantee that if you Contact Us for a Free Quote or with some questions, we’re going to give you as much time as you need.

We’re going to give you our best!

Thanks for your time today, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.