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Here’s Why You’re Right To Be Suspicious
Of Our “Efficiency” Discount

We Offer A Price Reduction If You Buy
From Us During The First Appointment.

But Here’s Why It’s Anything But A
Last-Ditch Attempt To Close The Sale.


I’ll admit it—we offer a version of the age-old “Buy Today And Save” discount if you buy from us during the initial sales appointment. That is, we’ll knock some money off your quote if you choose to move forward that day.

Homeowners are usually skeptical of this kind of discount, and rightfully so. Salespeople typically use the “Buy Today And Save” as a last-ditch final attempt to close the sale. As a result, the discount reeks of desperation and is often accompanied by high sales pressure.

Not only that, but the “Buy Today And Save” is usually nothing more than your run-of-the-mill pricing game. The average “Buy And Save” tactic works like this…

  1. Company starts with a high price
  2. Homeowner says they’ll think things over for a few days
  3. Company breaks out the “Buy And Save” to get the homeowner to move forward then and there
  4. This isn’t actually a discount, but the price the project should have been in the first place

In other words—the “Buy Now And Save” is almost always bogus.

So why do we offer it?

Our “Buy Now And Save” discount—which we call an “efficiency” discount—works differently. It’s not a desperate last resort to get you to sign on the dotted line; instead, it’s our way of saying “thank you” for saving us money.

I’ll explain.

When you choose to move forward with us during the initial sales appointment, you’re doing us a huge favor. You’re saving us money on labor hours, fuel, and opportunity costs. We feel it’s only right to take all that money you saved us and put it directly in your pocket. That’s why we add up those saved costs and deduct that amount from your quote. No inflated prices. No games. No tricks.

I know what you’re probably thinking: “How do I know you’re not inflating the initial quote, and then pretending you’re ‘deducting’ the discount off my total?”

Answer: You can’t know for sure… you just have to trust me!

Easier said than done, I realize. After all, I literally just told you that these kinds of discounts are almost always bogus.

That’s why I invite you to poke around the Reputation section of our website. Check out the 100 glowing testimonials on our Customer Reviews page. Take a look at some of the Industry Awards we’ve received for our work and service. Read up on the crazy way we won the Better Business Bureau TORCH Award for ethics.

When you read these pages, you’ll notice a common theme: We’ve built a rock-solid reputation based on TRUST.

Are You A Military Member, Senior, Teacher, Or First Responder?
We’ve Got A Discount For You, Too!

We feel it’s right to give back to the people in the community who have made countless sacrifices for others. That’s why we have a permanent 5% Valued-Citizen Discount in place for military members, teachers, senior citizens, and first responders.

This 5% discount stacks with all other discounts we offer. If we’re running a sale on windows, you get the sale price AND the 5% discount. If you decide to move forward during the first sales appointment, you get our “efficiency” discount on top of the Valued-Citizen Discount. And so on.

It’s our small way of saying, “THANK YOU!”