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Home Improvement Projects That Increase Home Value

increase the value of you home with these home improvement projects

Home Improvement Projects That Increase Home Value

If there’s one thing that can be said about the housing market, it’s that it is constantly changing. A home you bought five years ago may have already dropped considerably in value as other homes on the market begin to rise. Because of this, many homeowners have to actively stay on top of their home’s updates in order to ensure that their home value continues to increase. This is important both if you plan to sell the home in a few years and if you plan to live there for the rest of your life, but the next generation may plan to sell it.


Home improvement projects are essential to increasing your home value, but you don’t want to invest in a home improvement project that offers no difference at all. Impactful home improvement projects will be much more worth your time. Some home improvement projects that can increase your home value include:


Roof Replacement

When It’s Needed

Do you have an asphalt shingle roof in which the shingles are beginning to crack, curl, or even break off? Have you noticed that the color of your roof is beginning to fade or even that there’s a dark spot on your roof (which could speak to water damage or roof rot)? Or is your roof older than 25 years or so? If any of the following are true, you might benefit from a roof replacement. Especially in the case of an old roof, roofs have come quite a long way since your last replacement and may be able to offer more durability, style, and energy efficiency.

How it Increases Your Home Value

When you plan to sell your home, a homebuyer will know that a roof installed last year is likely to last longer than a roof installed 10 years ago. That means there’s less of a chance that they’ll have to fuss with a roof replacement, and they may be willing to pay more for that. In addition, a great roof installed well can boost your home’s energy efficiency, so it will feel comfortable while keeping your heating and cooling bills low. A new roof also looks great, rather than dragging down your curb appeal as an old roof might.

Our Tips For Roof Replacement

Are you thinking of replacing your roof? Don’t just go for a fresh top layer — nice shingles, and that’s it. You need to consider the entire roofing system to ensure that it can stand up to Missouri elements.  A complex roofing system from one of the most trusted roofers in the country like GAF Roofing will increase your home value much more substantially. Similarly, a GAF Master Elite contractor will be able to install the roof in a way that holds up for decades to come, backed by one of the best warranties in the country.


Siding Replacement

When It’s Needed

Your siding is one of the most noticeable things about your home as it covers the walls of your home. Faded siding will make your home look old and faded. Dinged siding, too, can be unsightly, while swollen or rotting siding can also be a danger to your home. Your siding protects the walls of your home, after all. If you’re beginning to notice that your interior walls feel cold in the winter or that your home feels stuffy in the summer, or possibly that you’re having more pest issues than before, it’s likely an issue of siding that needs to be replaced.

How It Increases Home Value

The most obvious way that your siding increases your home value is through your curb appeal. After all, new siding with fresh color is sure to make a powerful first impression of your home. If homebuyers look at a home on the market and immediately feel attached to it, they’re much more likely to buy it and may be willing to offer more. But the home value benefits don’t end there. The right siding will also boost your home’s insulation, helping to regulate the temperature inside and keep things energy efficient. It may even help to keep pests out of the house, which is always a huge plus.

Our Tips For Siding Replacement

Siding replacement can be quite an investment. The important thing here is to find a siding replacement with the best ROI so you get that money back in terms of home value and the quality of the siding. Time and time again, James Hardie fiber cement has been proven to have the best ROI of any siding replacement. It stands up to the elements without warping, swelling, or rotting. In fact, with HardieZones, it’s actually engineered for the climate in which it’s installed. It looks amazing, too, and that look lasts for decades to come.


New or Replacement Windows

When It’s Needed

Does the interior of your home feel a little too closed, small, or dimly lit? Does the outside surface of your home seem too much like a solid wall with little life or variation? Windows are essential to your home, and if you don’t have enough windows, you can certainly feel the loss. At the same time, if you’re noticing drafts through your windows, furniture bleaching near a large window, or cracks in your windows, it may be time for window replacement, as well.

How It Increases Home Value

Sure, in the modern world, we have electrical lighting, but you also have to pay for the electricity your home uses every month. On the other hand, natural sunlight is free and offers a number of benefits like boosted energy and focus. The right windows can help to open up your home, brighten it during the day, and even save you a little bit of money on your energy bills. If your home is a small one, windows will make it feel larger when homebuyers take a look. It’s also a great way to show off your outdoor scenery from indoors.

Our Tips For New or Replacement Windows

Like all other elements of your wall, energy efficiency is key when it comes to your windows. And the best windows for home comfort and energy efficiency are triple pane windows. These windows include three panes of glass with non-toxic, odorless gas fillings in between each pane to slow heat loss and air leakage. They also offer an increased sound barrier so you can experience more privacy in your home. Try installing windows in a number of different styles, as well. New entry doors or patio doors can also be a great way to open up your home.


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