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How a New Window Can Open Up a Room

image of window showing how a new window can open up a room

How a New Window Can Open Up a Room

We need to feel comfortable in our own homes. If there’s one room that is cramped and dim, chances are homeowners won’t want to use it very much. What if that room becomes your new nursery or your home office, and you just don’t have the budget for a room addition? The good news is that, you don’t have to have a room addition budget in order to open up the room. Perception can be everything in some ways, and a new window can do quite a bit to open up a small room.


Wider Views, Wider Room

Even if you don’t actually add any square footage to the room, a window naturally makes the space seem larger. Your window looks out at the expansive outdoors. Even though it is a barrier like the rest of the wall, it does not look like an enclosure. It looks like an opening, one that expands the room into vast scenery surrounding your house. This is ideal if you’re dealing with a tight space that feels a little closed in. A window will lessen those claustrophobic feelings and offer pleasing views that will make you want to enjoy the space.


Shed More Light

On top of that, windows fill the room with natural sunlight, which is a boon in a number of ways. Natural sunlight can help you feel more energized and productive, making this room a positive workspace rather than a negative one. There’s nothing worse than a room that feels small and cramped and is poorly lit. When you add more lighting to the room, especially through the use of a window, it enhances the features and design of the room and even helps it to feel larger, without adding any actual square footage.


Opt For a Convex Window

In some cases, opening a room up with a new window is simply a matter of perception, an optical illusion. However, some window styles actually do expand the space in the room somewhat. Bay, bow, and garden windows are all convex in shape, meaning they bow out away from the house. Bay windows use three panes of glass that face outward, while bow windows use five for a softer bulge. Garden windows are boxy in shape and perfect for placing an indoor plant or two. In some cases, even the top of a bay window opening is a window, so it offers direct sunlit views.


These windows expand the room — even if slightly — and offer you a little more storage along the window ledge. You can even have a window seat installed beneath a bay or bow window, which will provide an extra shelf of storage in the space.


A Breath of Fresh Air

More windows also allow you to add literal openings to the room. In fact, unless you have fixed windows (or “picture windows”), pretty much any window you add to your home can be opened to let in fresh air on a nice day. We recommend double-hung windows — which can be opened from either the top or bottom — or casement windows, which hinge from the side and open outward. Slider windows also offer easy horizontal opening. This will make the room more comfortable as you can breathe in some fresh air on a long day spent indoors, but it will also help the room to feel more open.


Daylighting the Room

The windows don’t have to be in the center of the wall to open it up. One popular process of window installation is “daylighting” a room. This involves installing windows towards the top of the wall near the ceiling. These are typically awning windows and called “clerestory” windows when placed in this position. It allows sunlight to flood down into the space, pooling in the center of the room. This is perfect for a new home office or a hobby room.


Go Full Sunroom

Why stop at one or two windows? Surround the walls of the space in windows to get the full sunroom effect. This will make your small room one of the brightest rooms in the house and will give it the appearance of having no boundaries at all, simply stretching out. This is perfect for a room that faces your backyard, the front of the house, or wherever the best view might be. The more open the views, the more open the perception of the room, so why not open it up all around?


Have a Skylight Installed

It’s one thing to open up the room from the sides through the use of new windows. A skylight allows you to look at the endless possibilities above you, as well. Though skylights aren’t usually very big, they make quite an impression on the space and can turn your least favorite room in the house into your favorite room in the house. If you have a one-story home or a room on the top floor of your multi-story home that needs a little more love, a skylight is a great way to accomplish this.


Adding a window to a cramped space is an affordable and exciting way to make the room feel more open and light. Need new windows installed in your home? Contact XteriorPRO today to learn more about the windows we offer or to get started with a free estimate on our windows.