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How GAF “Dummy-Proofed” Nailing Roof Shingles On St. Louis Homes

Roof Installer in St. Louis - Nailing GAF Shingles Mistake

How GAF “Dummy-Proofed” Nailing Roof Shingles On St. Louis Homes

The New HDz Shingle Makes Nailing Easier & Faster Than Ever…

While Also Providing You With UNLIMITED Wind Resistance.


GAF shingles simply don’t mess up. It’s why GAF is the #1 roofing shingle manufacturer in the country. And it’s why whenever I do see a problem with a GAF roof a St. Louis contractor installed, it’s always due to the workmanship and not the product.

GAF doesn’t like it when sloppy roofers quash the potential of their awesome shingles. That’s why the company recently developed a brand-new type of shingle—one so installer-friendly that a blindfolded monkey could properly nail it.

It’s called the GAF HDz shingle. It sports a 600% bigger nailing line than the average shingle. For reference, the nailing area is where the roofer needs to hit with a nail to attach the shingle properly.

Here’s the HDz’s nailing area versus the average nailing area:

GAF HDz Roofing Shingle - Strike Zone For Installation

With other shingles, a roofer has to hit that white line with pinpoint accuracy. As you can imagine, roofers miss such a small target with alarming frequency. Research shows the average roofer hits the nailing area of the average shingle only 60% of the time.

This leads to one of the biggest reasons for shingle failure: high nailing. When you hit the nailing area, those specific nails should catch the top edge of the shingle below it. But when you attach the nails ABOVE the nailing area (“high nailing”), those nails miss the shingles in the row below. This dramatically reduces wind resistance and can cause your shingles to blow off when it’s windy.

The HDz shingle’s StrikeZone™ virtually eliminates high nailing. A roofer can insert the nail anywhere between the two white lines. When GAF tested the HDz shingle with its StrikeZone feature, roofers hit the nailing line… drum roll… 99% of the time!

In other words… so easy a blindfolded monkey could do it.


St. Louis’s Only 100% Wind-PROOF Roof Shingle

When you combine the StrikeZone with GAF’s LayerLock™ Technology and Dura Grip™ sealant, you get something unprecedented in the roofing industry: a shingle with no maximum wind speed limit.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The StrikeZone ensures correct nail placement (no more high nailing).
  2. LayerLock Technology fuses the common bond between the overlapping shingle layers.
  3. Dura Grip sealant pairs with the StrikeZone nailing area for fast tack. When the bond cures, it creates incredible durability, strength, and wind resistance.

This system creates THE most adhesive roofing shingles in the industry. Hands. Down.

Watch this video for more info about the HDz shingle and how it’s a game-changer:

But Nailing Is Only Part Of Shingle Installation

We’ve always taken the time and care to hit the shingles in the nailing area. The 600% bigger nailing area of the HDz shingle doesn’t improve our already perfect “batting average.” It does, however, mean we can install your roof FASTER.

A study conducted by Home Innovation Research Labs showed that the HDz’s StrikeZone produced 30% quicker nail fastening. It’s easy to see why. The StrikeZone makes hitting the nailing line less like threading a needle and more like hitting the broadside of a barn. The giant, near-unmissable target area makes us more efficient, and your project goes quicker. Win-win.

But here’s the thing: nailing is only a part of the shingle-installation equation. Though GAF has dummy-proofed the nailing process, there are still a half-dozen ways for roofers to mess up installing shingles. Improper flashing, incorrect overhang, lack of starter shingles… the list goes on and on. I’ll highlight some of the most common installation mistakes I see St. Louis roofers make in a future blog post.

The bottom line is that GAF’s HDz shingle makes roof replacement easier than ever… but there are two dozen other ways a roofer can get it wrong. That’s why you need to make sure you have a meticulous, passionate, qualified expert on your side.


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