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How Long Does A Replacement Window Installation Take?

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Planning for home renovations is only one small part of the bigger project, but it can be the most important for some. Depending on where in the house you are having work done, that area or room of the house may be out of commission for quite some time.

Lucky for you, replacement window installations are a relatively quick process.

Of course, the full timeline from start to finish takes into account many factors such as the condition of the home, the number of windows that need replacing, and the overall time it takes to acquire all of the preferred materials.

Having a clear timeline helps you plan your schedule accordingly while keeping reasonable expectations between all parties.

After all of these considerations, it comes down to the actual installation process. A single window can typically be replaced in about 30-60 minutes.

Let’s talk about our window replacement process!

Our Tried-And-Trued Installation Process

After all of the initial assessments and consultations have been completed, the fun really begins!

We then schedule an in-home analysis with the homeowner to personally assess each window that needs replacement and go over various styles, sizes, and color options in order to give an accurate cost layout.

Rot and other signs of damage are taken into consideration when providing a full cost assessment.

After we explain in full detail the services Window Depot can offer your home, we provide an in-depth proposal that breaks down the exact cost of the project.

If everything looks good on both ends, we get right to taking final measurements and ordering your new windows!

As soon as your new windows are delivered, we finalize a start day and get to work!

As we mentioned before, unforeseen circumstances such as rot or other damage can delay the replacement installation, but we NEVER do any additional work without first consulting the homeowner.

Before you know it, boom! Your new windows are professionally installed to meet even the highest quality standards.

Obstacles That Prolong The Process

Life can be hard to predict sometimes, especially when it involves Mother Nature, older homes, and supply shortages.

While most window replacement installations go as planned to meet the agreed-upon deadline, every once in a while there’s an unexpected curveball that delays everything. A few of these instances include:

  • Weather: St.Louis can experience some pretty unexpected weather, and it’s not typically the bright sunny days that are the problem. Rain, snow, and extreme outdoor temperatures can make it quite difficult to complete renovation projects. We always take weather into consideration when providing a time frame.
  • Supply chain shortages: Between material shortages and delays in shipping times, it’s more difficult now than ever to guarantee the exact date that your new windows will arrive at our facility.
  • Scheduling delays: Many of our clients are very busy people, and we do our best to schedule our work around their schedules. When availability changes, we adapt our services based on the new time frame. During our busy season, pushing back a project may result in your windows being installed much later than originally planned.
  • Labor challenges: As we have mentioned before, we never know exactly what we are working with until we start to dismantle and remove the old windows. During this process, rot and other damaged points tend to show themselves. Before starting additional construction, we bring all the information we have to the homeowner to reevaluate the final cost.

The Simple Breakdown

All of the preliminary steps are done as fast as physically possible. That’s how we operate and have always operated. In this day and age, convenience and speed are everything. We try our hardest to meet each and every client’s requests throughout every stage of the process.

As for the window installation process, this is the quick part! Experienced window replacement installers, such as ourselves, can complete an entire house in 1-2 days.

The average two or three-story home has anywhere from 20-40 windows. If it takes us 30 minutes to physically install each window, that is about 10-20 hours of hard work.

Let’s Get Started!

The first step towards any home renovation project is picking up the phone and calling your trusted pals over at Window Depot of St. Louis!

We can be reached at our office via phone at (636) 220-5922 or file a free quote through our online form today!