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How Long We Take On ‘Large’ Replacement Window Projects

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With Us In Charge, Here’s How Long The ‘Large’ Replacement Window Projects Take

One of the common questions we get from homeowners like yourself who are shopping around and seeing what different St. Louis exterior remodelers can offer is:

How long will my Triple Pane Replacement Window project take?


And as is the nature of our universe, the answer is always…

“It depends.”


First and foremost, how many windows are we replacing? We don’t mind. We’re specialists and can handle the project from A to Z, whether big or small.

What are smaller projects? These are homes with, let’s say, 2-8 windows that need replacing. Typically, we can get those finished with absolute precision in a single workday.

How about medium-sized projects? Generally speaking, we could say these projects have about 10-20 windows. These can take us as little as a day and a half.

Okay, and the larger projects, how about those? We consider replacement window projects of 30-35 to be in this category, and it can either take our crew two really long days or three regular 8-hour days.

Just to be thorough, how about extra-large projects of 50+ windows with all the bells, whistles, Styles & Features? In these situations, the vast majority of homeowners approach the projects in segments over time rather than tackling them all in one fell swoop. So, for example, 15-20 at a time.

In terms of speed, it works out to about our crews doing ten Windows Installations a day each. But these aren’t wham-bam projects. We’re methodical. We’re extremely detail-orientated professionals. We’ve seen it all, so we think of everything to ensure you get the BEST performance and value from your investment POSSIBLE.

And you know how we keep quality control and workmanship standards at such a high level that we only see callbacks roughly 1% of the time, year after year (sometimes less)?

First, we have strict hiring standards and crews that have been with us a long time.

A really long time.

Second, we ensure they’re well-experienced AND certified.

Then, because of the degree of Only-Flawless-Will-Do work we have them do, we pay them double the industry average rates because that way they’re preoccupied with perfection, not focused on volume-based quick & sloppy workmanship.

We also have a foreman walking the job site daily, or as many times as it takes, so our customers are COMPLETELY satisfied.

We’ve Never Had A Complaint About Our Window Installation Crews In Over A Decade

For our management, it’s a real blessing not to have to babysit our installation crews.  Our measurements are exact. Our process is polished. And because of this, we’ve never had A SINGLE complaint about them in over a decade.

Think about that. It’s hard to believe!

Not even one? Not one?

Nope. We’re THAT careful and THAT dedicated to what we do for St. Louis Metro families.
But keep in mind that with windows, there simply aren’t as many variables and complexities and moving parts as with other major home improvements like kitchen/bathroom remodeling, siding, roofing, etc.

Bottom Line: Big Or Small, We’re The Safe & Secure Play

If you’re ready to learn more about the VERY BEST triple-pane replacement windows for the St. Louis Metro area, we’re always ready to chat. Are you wondering about Energy Efficiency? Curious about the aesthetic side of things? Interested in security features? Ready to sit down with a specialist, go through the details, learn about your options and get a Free Quote?

We look forward to hearing from you soon!