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How to Know Whether To Patch, Repair or Replace Your Roof?



Most of us take High-Performance Roofing for granted until a) something goes wrong and the elements start pouring in (causing energy costs to skyrocket), or b) we become a homeowner!

Once responsible for a home and all the important stuff within it, most of us only then truly understand how critical it is to have a sturdy, reliable, and great-looking roof overhead.

Because just like any other major household system (HVAC, Ductwork, Insulation, Flooring, etc.), roofs do indeed break down over time and need you to keep an eye on them.

Sometimes, your roof will just require minor patchwork.

Sometimes, your roof will need repairs done to keep it working optimally.

And then there will come a time when your roof has gotten too old or become too much of a financial burden through constant maintenance, that getting a new replacement roofing system installed is in order.

When that time comes, if you’re a St. Louis-area homeowner looking for the best, at XteriorPRO we specialize in Lifetime GAF Roofing Systems (which are 100% guaranteed).

The question is, how will you know whether to patch, repair, or replace your roof?

General Warning Signs To Watch For

  • Shingle Issues: First of all, do you have High-Quality Shingles? As lower-quality shingles age, they begin to curl, they start cracking, and you start seeing areas of the roof that have lost a few here and there. Another sign is shingle granules collecting in the gutters during the rainy season. It means there’s a gradual breakdown occurring that needs to be addressed.
  • Structural Issues: Is a part of the roof sagging? Do you see rot, especially on the underside, when looking from the attic? Has moss or algae started to take over the roof? You may also notice that the older shingles are becoming discolored, making the home look dated and shabby.
  • Leaking Issues: Whether it’s moisture, rain, or sunlight leaking into the home, a leak is a recipe for disaster! Once the roof is leaking, those leaks lead to all kinds of problems throughout the other systems of your home.

When Are Inexpensive Repairs Or Patches In Order?

When there are no structural or major shingle issues, the damage isn’t serious, and the problem is concentrated in one specific area of the roof. If that’s the case and the rest of the roof
is perfectly fine, then there should be no reason for a full replacement.

What if a fallen tree branch is the culprit, not improper installation or aging?

What if it was just some abnormally high wind that blew off some loose shingles?

What if the leak is minor and easily patchable?

Maintenance and repairs, in this case, would be fine, as long as you have a roofing professional come in and take a look. Sometimes small problems can be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ symptom of a larger problem that could go undiagnosed and worsen.

When Do You KNOW It’s Time To Replace Your Roof?

The #1 factor to consider is age. Do you know exactly how old your roofing system is? And that’s assuming it’s a proper ‘system’ and not roofing thrown together by a ‘Chuck & His Truck’ contractor.

  • Too many shingles are missing or have lost too much integrity.
  • The sagging and structural issues mentioned above.
  • The results of improper installation have become too severe and progressed over time.

The two core reasons we dedicated our company to be a certified GAF Master Elite Installer is because their systems are comprehensive, designed to work incredibly well for our St. Louis area of the country. And, because of their complexity and all the details involved in weaving them together, these systems MUST be installed by highly-trained individuals — for much higher value!

This ensures the roof will last, endure, perform, and look great season after season. Plus, should anything pop up you’ll be completely taken care of.

Next Step: Contact Your Local Roofing Experts | XteriorPRO

If you’re at all worried and wondering whether to patch, repair, or replace your roof, contact your local roofing professionals. St. Louis homeowners trust XteriorPRO. We’re happy to inspect your roofing system, walk you through the details, explain our process, and show you the GAF difference. Replace that stress with the peace of mind that comes with a guaranteed Lifetime Roofing System.

Live outside St Louis, in some other part of the country? Then find the most trained, certified, and reputable roofing company you can get who will give you honest, transparent answers. Roofs are too important for guesswork. Thanks for your time today, and stay safe!