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How To Prepare Your Family For A Home Improvement Project

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How To Prepare Your Family For A Home Improvement Project

Hi there, are you and your family getting ready to see your home being improved, upgraded, or remodeled by the professionals? Looking for some simple ways to get everyone prepared before the symphony of hammers, drills, and saws begin?


The thing is, which type of remodeling project are you looking to invest in? Floors, Ceilings, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling, Landscaping, HVAC, Electrical, Additions, Fencing? Maybe a new concrete driveway?

There are so many home improvement projects it’s mind-boggling!

Here at XteriorPRO, we specialize in three for residents in our neck of the woods: St. Louis County, MO.

  1. Master Elite Roofing — we install GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems.
  2. Siding Replacement — the finest James Hardie fiber cement installers in Missouri.
  3. Windows & Doors — premium entry doors, patio doors, and triple-pane windows.


While we would love to chat about how to prepare your family for a major interior remodel or renovation, that’s not our niche. Those are a completely different ballgame.

That said, if you see a roofing or siding project in your near future, or new windows and doors, then read on.


The 5 Core Steps To Get Ready For Replacement Roofing

Should you let the neighbors know beforehand? Sure! If you have neighbors that live really close, then it’s a considerate gesture. If you plan on being around while the roofing work is being done, just be sure everyone is practicing extreme caution when outside.

Otherwise, these five steps will get your family ready for a roofing home improvement project.

  1. Plan For Disruptions: Professional roofing crews from reputable companies like XteriorPRO are respectful and efficient. They’re going to take special care to be as accommodating as possible for you and your family. But expect minor disruptions to your normal routine while the old roof is being removed and a new system installed.
    • Certain areas could be temporarily off-limits.
    • Young children and pets could find the presence of roofers disturbing
  2.  Move The Cars: On installation day, we advise you to temporarily move the cars from the driveway and garage. Our crew needs room to work, and we don’t want anything to get scratched
  3. Check Walls: As a basic rule of thumb, roofing causes a fair amount of structural vibration in the upper part of the home, nearest the roof. This is mainly from crews walking around up there, moving materials, and doing a ton of nailing. Check the ceilings and walls for anything that might fall and be damaged.
  4. Protect Attic Storage: If you have precious belongings stored in the attic, it’s best to get everything covered up and protected. During the roofing installation, there is likely to be a lot of dust kicked up and small debris falling from above.
  5. Check The Outside Perimeter: Just take a quick stroll around the outside perimeter of your home and move anything that could be damaged by a falling shingle or piece of debris.


Now let’s push forward to our next big home improvement project: siding!


5 Easy Ways To Prepare For A New Siding Installation

The sides of your home are as unique as its roof. Our specific high-grade installation process always involves the same steps, but execution varies depending on the type of home we’re working on: single-story, double-story, simple new construction vs. older extravagant architecture, etc.

Generally speaking, these five steps will help ensure you and your family are completely prepared.

  1. Trim & Tie Back Greenery: How’s the shrubbery and landscaping around the outside of your home? Bushes and trees need to either be trimmed back away from home or tied. While our siding crews are as careful as can be, they need room to ensure everything is properly installed.
  2. Tip: If applicable, cutting the grass is a great idea as well. This helps the crews find any loose nails and/or staples.
  3. Double-Check The Outside Perimeter: Rather than worrying about shingles or debris falling from the roof, setting pots, furniture, and other equipment aside helps installation crews. The LAST thing they want to do is accidentally damage or break, say a flower pot left in a garden up against the house. The less they have to maneuver around while they work the better.
  4. Look For Unanchored Objects On Walls: Siding installation isn’t as rowdy as it was decades ago. While our crews are fast, efficient, and as quiet as they can manage, you just want to be sure nothing falls: mirrors, paintings, candle fixtures, etc.
  5. Keep The Driveway Clear: This isn’t always necessary, it depends on the layout of your home. Generally speaking though, during siding installation, crews will need the driveway for their own equipment and the dumpster. Cars can be parked temporarily in the street.
  6. Keep The Work Area Clear: During professional siding installation, it’s a good idea to keep pets and children inside or away. This is for everyone’s safety.


Alright, we’re moving along nicely. Let’s take a look at the third home improvement project on our list and then quickly wrap up.


5 Actions To Get Your Home Prepared For Window Replacement

Is window and door replacement as invasive as it once was? No. But there are a handful of steps you can take to help your installers work as efficiently as possible.

The first one is obvious, but you would be surprised (or not) to know how often folks forget.

  1. Turn Off The Window Alarms: If any of the windows you’re having replaced are connected to your home’s security system, double-check that it’s turned off beforehand. If you’re unsure, or if you have a rather complex system, simply give your security company a call and coordinate with them on installation day.
  2. Get The Window Areas Ready (Inside & Out): Have anything fragile in front of the windows? Pictures? Ornamental nick-nacks? Plants? Floating shelves? Windowsill gardens? Before installation day, get the windows cleared both inside and out.
  3. Prepare Landscaping To Make Room: Our crews are almost acrobatic in their ability to keep gardens safe. No XteriorPRO installer wants to step on flowers. They also don’t want to ruin your hedge and so on. Please ensure that on installation day any landscaping is trimmed or tied back.
  4. Keep Furry Ones & Little Ones Away: Because so many of us have children and pets, this is included in all three projects on our list. No one wants to frighten or disturb the little (furry) ones while your windows and doors are being replaced.
  5. Protect Any Nearby Furniture: Another basic step you can take if you feel it’s necessary is to cover furniture near your windows with sheets or blankets. You might also consider moving them a few feet away from the windows to give installers more room.


Wrapping Up: The Most Important Preparation Of All Is…

Choosing the right contractor for your home improvement project!

When you work with the best, you get the best home remodeling experience. We make sure you’re 110% prepared and comfortable before installation day. If you live in the St. Louis Metro area, Contact XteriorPRO and let us know we can help. When it comes to your home’s roofing, siding, and window replacement, we’re a company people trust. Thanks for your time today.