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Making Replacement Window Prices Not So Scary In The St. Louis Metro Area

Making Replacement Window Prices Not So Scary In The St. Louis Metro Area

Our Financing Lets You Get The Windows You TRULY Want.

By Jason Quillman, Owner

If you’ve spent more than five seconds on this website, you know I’m a firm believer in zero compromises. This attitude isn’t reserved just for the quality of a remodel, though. It’s also my attitude toward giving you the replacement window project you truly want.

I’ll explain.

No contractor can match our replacement window prices in the St. Louis metro area and maintain the same level of quality we do. It’s just not possible. Still, replacing your windows is a large chunk of change, no matter how you slice it. Even if you bought those mythical $189 replacement windows companies advertise, you’re still going to spend thousands of dollars.

Not exactly gallon-of-milk levels of cheap.

As a result, I see many homeowners settle for windows that aren’t 100% what they want because their “dream” window is outside their price range. So they pick something with reduced energy efficiency, poorer performance, and lesser looks.

As a zero-compromises kind of guy, this hurts my soul. Your home is your life. Or at least a really, really big part of your life. It’s one of the few things you shouldn’t have to compromise on. That’s just how I feel… and that’s why I offer XteriorPRO customers the industry’s best financing.

Most contractors treat financing as an afterthought—if they offer it at all. It’s usually used as a last-ditch attempt to close a sale.

My stance: Why not provide you with as many payment options as possible upfront? It just makes sense to let you, the homeowner, decide how you’d like to pay for your window replacement. After all—it’s YOUR money and YOUR home. You should be given every opportunity to get the windows you really want.

A great feature of our financing is that you don’t even have to speak to us to get approved. Simply click the “Apply Online” button on our financing page. It’ll send you to our financing partner’s application page. Take a few minutes to input your info, and—boom—you get a decision on the spot. No cost. No obligation. No games.

Now Let’s Crunch Some Numbers…

Say your window replacement in the St. Louis metro area is going to cost an even $10,000 (about the national average according to industry magazine Remodeling). Assuming you put no money down, here are how your payments would break down with four of our most popular financing options*:


9.99% APR for 132 months


7.99% APR for 61 months


5.99% APR for 37 months


0% APR for 18 months

Monthly Payment$125$200$296$555

Naturally, not all financing plans will be right for all homeowners. You may not want to finance your windows for 132 months (Plan #1). Or you might think $555 per month (Plan #1) is a little steep. But that’s the beauty of our financing—we offer something for everyone.

Plus, we allow you to make a down payment of your choice and finance the rest. If you paid $5,000 of the $10,000 total price up front and financed the rest with Plan #4, you’d pay only $278 per month. If you paid half down and took Plan #3, you’d pay just $148 per month (plus interest). It’s customizable based on YOUR needs.

Who Should Consider Financing? Everyone!

Even if you have the cash on hand to pay for your windows up front, financing is still worth a look. After all, which seems more palatable: plunking down $10,000 all at once or spreading the payments out over, say, the course of 18 interest-free months?

Plus, exploring your financing options doesn’t hurt anything. So why NOT take two minutes to see what’s available to you? You may just find an option that fits perfectly for your situation.

Here’s that link to our financing page again. Click on it for more info and to apply.


*These same excellent financing options are also available for siding, roofing, and all other services we offer. Monthly payments will vary based on total project cost.