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Price Drops 101: A Crash Course In Every Window Salesman’s Favorite Trick

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Price Drops 101: A Crash Course In Every Window Salesman’s Favorite Trick

Do Price Drops Really Save You Money?
No. No, They Do Not.


One of the most common sales tactics in a window company’s arsenal is the “kitchen table price drop.”

If you’ve ever invited a window salesman in your home for a quote, you know what I’m talking about.

The salesman comes in. He sits at your kitchen table with you. He does his pitch. He gets you in the buying mood.

And at the end of the meeting, he gives you a “Cardiac Quote.”

Man Having Chest PainThis is a price that’s so high it makes your heart skip a few beats. I’m talking about something outrageous like $40,000 for 10 vinyl windows.

Naturally, you refuse. There’s no way on earth you’d pay that much. It’s an insult to your intelligence.

You’re about to show the salesman the door… but he suddenly says he can drop the price to $30.000. You know, because he “likes you” and thinks you’re “a great homeowner.”

Instead of kicking the salesman to the curb, you mull over the new reduced price. After all, we are talking about a $10,000 discount.

“Of course,” the salesman says, “You can only get this discount if you buy right here and now.”

While $10,000 off is a good chunk of change, you decide the price is still a little too steep. You thank the salesman and tell him you’ll have to think things over.

That’s when the salesman brings out the big guns.

He tells you his company is about to hit a record month. He’s adamant about securing your business. So he says he’ll call his manager to see if there’s something he can do.

The salesman gets on the phone with… well, someone… and pretends to go to bat for you. After he makes the call, he gives you the great news…

His manager has okayed a one-time price reduction just for you: $20,000!

The salesman tells you the company is “losing money” on the sale, so his manager stipulated that you MUST buy now. Otherwise, you lose out on the deal.

So you sign the contract. After all, how could you pass up 50% off?

The problem: That’s still $2,000 per window.

And you should never, ever pay $2,000 for a vinyl window.

Even if it’s a top brand.

Even if it’s triple pane.

Even if it’s the best vinyl window in the history of the world.

It’s simply WAY. TOO. MUCH.

Here’s a real-life example of a bogus price drop…

I recently talked to a homeowner who was subjected to the Cardiac Quote/Price Drop tactic.

The homeowner wanted seven small vinyl basement windows. A national company quoted her a “Cardiac” price of $22,000, which works out to a ridiculous $3,142 per window.

Using the price-drop ploy I outlined above, the company eventually reduced the total price to $11,000 ($1,571 per window). That’s half the initial price… yet it’s still WAY too much for seven small vinyl basement windows.

Fortunately, this homeowner didn’t fall for it. But many trusting homeowners do.

It’s not their fault. There isn’t any kind of fair-pricing act or costing standard in the window industry. As a result, it’s hard for homeowners like you to know if you’re getting a good deal or being taken for a ride.

But think about this…

Would you truly trust a company that drops its price by 50%?

After all… if the company can reduce the quote multiple times on a whim, how do you know you actually got the best price? If the salesman cut the price in half while sitting at your kitchen table, could have he gone even lower?

When you deal with window companies that do price drops, that’s always in the back of your mind. Because let’s be honest…

A company that cuts the price in half is charging too much to begin with.

Businessman with his fingers crossed behind his backI’ve said it before, every window company that’s been in business for more than a few years knows its profit margins. So if a company is doing 25-50% price drops during sales appointments, you can bet that company is inflating its prices.


Because window companies aren’t charities. Every company knows—down to the dollar—what it needs to turn a profit. If it doesn’t hit that profit margin, it goes belly up. It’s simple math.

This means any company slashing its prices during the appointment is artificially puffing up that initial price. The salesman is intentionally presenting a “Cardiac” quote so he can trick you into thinking you’re getting a deal when he drops the price.

The reality is that the reduced price is either A) still too high or B) the price the salesman should have quoted you in the first place.

And if you agree to the “Cardiac” price?

Congratulations. You’ve just paid for some window executive’s Caribbean vacation.

Are window discounts ever genuine?

Yes, you can find window companies that offer honest discounts. You just have to know how to spot them.

For example, we run only two discounts. One is our permanent Valued-Citizens Discount. The other is a $100-off-per-window special we occasionally run when business needs a pick-me-up.

You can trust these are genuine discounts because we have real reasons for offering them.

We like to keep our crews busy, which is why we run the $100-off special during slow periods. And teachers, senior citizens, and first-responders are just plain awesome, so they deserve a Valued-Citizen Discount.

But a company dropping its price just because you thought the initial quote was too high? That’s not a real reason. It’s a game—a classic sales tactic window companies have used for decades.

How you know you’re getting the best price from us…

We’ll admit that we may not be the cheapest. But as your local Window Depot USA, we’re able to offer you ProVia-made triple-pane windows for a price around 34% less than average.

Bottom line: We don’t play pricing games or inflate our quotes during the appointment. We simply give you the fairest price up front.

No tricks. No gimmicks. No “let me call my manager” nonsense.

If that sounds like the kind of company you’re looking for in the St. Louis area, get in touch. We would be honored to hear from you.