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Repair VS Replacing Your Windows

When You Should Repair Or Replace Your Damaged Window

When St. Louis Homeowners Should
Repair Or Replace Their Windows

More Often Than Not, Replacement Will Be The Better Option

Windows play a big role in St. Louis homes, especially during the times of the year when the weather is less than favorable. Ensuring your windows are functioning properly will aid in maintaining energy efficiency, comfort, and overall curb appeal of a home.

If your windows are starting to show signs of wear and tear, it’s imperative to act fast to avoid additional costly repairs down the road. While full window replacement is typically the recommended solution, it may not always be needed.

You are probably asking yourself, “should I go ahead and replace my windows or undergo the repair process?” and we hope to help you come to a conclusion!

Signs That Your Windows Need To Be Repaired Or Replaced

Due to harsh weather conditions, old age, and poor craftsmanship, windows can really take a beating. As a homeowner, it’s your duty to regularly inspect your home’s windows for any signs of distress, typically at the beginning and end of each season.

Whether you decide to repair or replace your windows, here are a few key signs that your home requires one of those options.

Visibly Cracked Or Chipped Panes Of Glass

This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you can visibly see cracks or chips in your windows, then there’s something seriously wrong. Cracks and chips greatly affect the integrity of the window and can easily grow in size.

A Window No Longer Opens

Windows that have gone excess amounts of time without being opened or closed are known for sticking in place. While the solution is typically as easy as simple cleaning, letting the problem go unsolved can lead to your windows becoming completely inoperable.

Water Or Air Coming Through The Window

Drafty windows can make a home quite uncomfortable, not to mention have a negative effect on your monthly energy bills. Water, on the other hand, can end up wreaking havoc on a home and lead to expensive repairs. Wooden windows are essentially at risk of succumbing to water damage.

Condensation Is Forming Between The Panes

Triple pane windows are well known for providing exceptional protection against condensation. If condensation is starting to form on the inside of the window panes, your windows will require professional attention. Additionally, if condensation has never been a problem, and suddenly you are noticing formations on the inside of the home, this is cause for concern.

Noticeable Rot & Other Damages

Windows are a compilation of many parts that all must work together with the main goal of functionality. If you are noticing rot on the outside or inside the window, sagging sashes, gaps in the seals, or other signs of damage, it’s time to act fast.

When To Repair Your Windows

Deciding when the best time to repair your windows versus replace them will fluctuate person by person, home by home. Window repair companies are far and few between, and the reason is quite simple: it can be just as expensive to repair windows as to replace them with brand-new ones.

Windows should be repaired typically only when something small needs to be fixed, for example, adding a fresh coat of paint, swapping out old hardware, or unjamming a stuck sash.

While many historic neighborhoods used to require original windows to be repaired as opposed to replaced, there are a vast array of new window styles that match these strict appearance criteria.

If you have recently replaced your windows and are still within warranty, it’s a good idea to reach out to the manufacturer if you are starting to experience performance issues. They will recommend a full replacement or repair options and is your best bet at deciding the most effective solution.

When To Replace Your Windows

In the grand scheme of things, opting for a full window replacement is typically the better choice for most homeowners. If you have recently moved into a home or do not know the age of your windows, typically visible wear and tear is a sign of old age and are not worth investing in repairs.

If you are looking to sell your home, new windows are a phenomenal selling point and can significantly raise the asking price. In a time when being eco-friendly is everything, replacing outdated windows with energy-efficient windows can not only save you money on energy costs but can also help reduce your impact on the environment.

Unfortunately, the best windows in the industry are not manufactured with the intent of simple repairs. The natural fragility of multiple panes of glass greatly increases the chance of error when attempting a simple internal repair. At the end of the day, it’s typically faster, quicker, and relatively more affordable to have your windows replaced as opposed to repair.

Instead of making small repairs every couple of years, invest in windows that take the stress off your plate, not add to it.

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