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Replacement Window Trends For 2022

5 Replacement Window Trends St. Louis Homeowners Need To Know For 2022

5 Replacement Window Trends
St. Louis Homeowners Need
To Know For 2022

Windows Can Make Or Break The
Curb Appeal Of Your Home.

Have you been scouring the internet for ways to spruce up your living room, kitchen, or maybe bedroom? Window replacement projects are one of the BEST ways for homeowners to add character and value to their home. And today, we’ll discuss the top 5 replacement window trends in St. Louis for 2022.

Your windows are the eyes of your home. They give you and your family a glimpse of the beauty of the outside world — while welcoming sunlight and warmth. Plus, windows can add SERIOUS curb appeal and energy efficiency to your home, if you make the right choices.

Let’s dive into the latest window trends to help you discover what you want from your window project.

1. Energy Efficiency Is In Now More Than Ever

It goes without saying that most St. Louis homeowners prefer to save money where ever they can, and what better way than lowering heating and cooling costs throughout the year? With scorching hot summer days and frigid winter nights, energy bills can really start to add up!

Replacing the windows in your home with Energy Star Certified windows is one the most effective ways to improve energy efficiency within the home. In this day and age, almost every style of window imaginable is available containing the coveted Energy Star certification.

Windows are not the place to start cutting corners by looking for the cheapest option, especially if you are conscious of the environment and your carbon footprint. If you are truly looking to achieve the best possible energy efficiency in your home, you can’t go wrong with triple pane windows.

2. Better Utilizing Living Areas

Living in the same house for 20 years or more is quickly becoming a popular move in more recent years. Given how tough it can be to find the perfect house on the market, many people are choosing to remodel their existing homes to make them the perfect house.

Adding a few extra square feet of living space in your living room sounds nice, right?

You can achieve this without having to knock down walls or add a whole new addition!

Bay and bow windows, by design, extend away from the home to add depth both inside and out. This extra space can be as small or as large as you prefer. It’s perfect for a cozy reading spot, breakfast nook, or even storage!

3. When It Comes To Windows, Bigger Is Always Better!

With more people than ever working from home and generally spending more time at home, the need for natural sunlight and beautiful views are rising. Windows are the biggest provider of natural light within the home, but they also play a key role in the exterior aesthetic of your home.

Bigger windows are ALWAYS better. They instantly make your home appear more modern while greatly raising the value of your home. Specialty windows, such as our custom manufactured picture windows, come in any shape or size you can conjure up.

Large windows help make a space appear bigger than it actually is, and this can be especially useful for bathrooms, hallways, staircases, or closets!

4. Dark Colored Trim

One of the most popular window trends in 2022 is actually one of the most simple—dark-colored trim and accents! Dark colors such as black, gray, or shades of green are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes that feature primarily white accents.

Black window frames add a unique charm to any room and are available directly from the manufacturer. If you are skilled in the art of DIY home improvement projects, painting your existing window frames is cost-effective and can be a fun project for the whole family!

Wooden or vinyl window frames can easily be painted to achieve any look you desire without having to replace the windows themselves.

5. Large Glass Entryways

Continuing the theme of size, St. Louis homeowners are utilizing large paned glass entryways to develop a closer relationship between the world outside and the world within. Glass entry doors are a phenomenal way to increase the amount of natural light in the home while providing crystal-clear views of your kids or pets playing outside.

Keeping your entry or patio door open in the warmer months provides enhanced ventilation and airflow, cutting down on the amount of time you have to run the air conditioner or fan.

Ready To Implement These Replacement Window Trends
On Your Home? Give Us A Call!

Windows play a huge role in the “mood” of a home and are an important factor when determining a home’s value. Our tried and true replacement window process will turn your home from drab to fab without breaking the bank or trying to upsell you on other unnecessary products.

It’s our guarantee!

Are you ready to implement one or more of these replacement window trends on your home? You’re in the right place! You can file a free quote today or give our readily-available staff a call at (636) 939-4800. We would love to answer any questions you have!