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Royal Treatment

Expect The Royal Treatment When Replace Your Windows In St. Peters

Our Respectful Attitude Ensures You
Comfortable, Pleasant, No-Stress Installation.


Let’s just be honest: Some St. Peters window companies don’t respect their customers.

I’m not trying to stir the pot or badmouth other companies. But when you interact with hundreds of homeowners a year, you get a feel for how other companies do things.

How? Because we (XteriorPRO) get quite a few calls from homeowners who ask us to fix ANOTHER window company’s installation. When these homeowners call, they describe their previous installation experience to us. And it’s almost ALWAYS the same.

  • The salesperson was high-pressure.
  • The company never showed up on time.
  • The installers cut corners.
  • The installers were rude or standoffish.
  • The company left a big mess behind when the job was done.

These problems all stem from exactly one thing: A LACK OF RESPECT.

Think about it. If a window company genuinely respected you, would they twist your arm? Would they always arrive late? Would they take shortcuts during installation?

No. No. And No.

At XteriorPRO, We Treat Your Home Like A Castle

Sure, that might sound a little cliché. But in our case, it’s absolutely true.

When we’re installing your new windows, we show you, your home, and your family the utmost respect at all times. Here are a few ways we do it…

We’re Polite

We have the friendliest, most approachable window installers in St. Peters. They bend over backward to make your experience low-stress and pleasant.

We make you feel at home in your home… the way it should be.

We’re Punctual & Prepared

On the day of your window installation, we show up on time with ALL of the materials we need.

Why is that important? Well, because not all window companies come fully prepared for the job, which can cause delays. By dotting all I’s and crossing all T’s before your installation, we ensure we get it done as efficiently as possible.

We’re Persnickety

We make your installation experience as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible by “sweating the small stuff.”

We seal off windows we’re working on to stop drafts. We make sure to protect any belongings that could get damaged during installation. And we do everything we can to minimize messes.

We’re Neat Freaks

After installation, we thoroughly clean up the project area.

We pick up our tools, scraps, trash, and then sweep every square inch of the project area. Homeowners consistently rave about how meticulously we clean their homes after we complete the job.

We’re Thorough

Once we’ve replaced your windows, we don’t simply collect the check and say sayonara. We perform a post-installation inspection WITH you to make sure you’re totally satisfied.

And remember this: Even after we’ve packed up and left, we’re always a phone call away. Reach out to us if you ever have a question or need something. Once you’ve become an XteriorPRO customer, you’ll ALWAYS be an XteriorPRO customer.

Call The St. Peters Window Company That RESPECTS You

Let’s just be honest—you’re paying good money for a company to replace your windows. So it’s only right that the company you choose shows you the respect you deserve.

That’s exactly the kind of window company we are. Contact us today for your free window quote. From the very first time you speak with us, you’ll see that we show you the respect you DESERVE.