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See Why Actual Manufacturing Reps Refer Us To Their Families


Take A Look At Why We Get Referrals From Actual Manufacturing Reps Here In St. Louis Metro

We Recently Worked For A 91-Year-Old Gentlemen Based On A Referral That He Thanked Us The Old School Way For

Have you ever referred an exterior remodeler or home improvement contractor to a special friend, close family member, or a coworker you know well here in St. Louis Metro?

If so, then you understand all the many things that people pay attention to before doing something like this:

  • From that initial phone call to the project’s successful conclusion, the overall process must have been pleasant. Being stressed out, anxious, and left in the dark scratching your head aren’t the types of reasons people refer remodelers.
  • The price needs to be fair and transparent — no games, gimmicks, high-pressure sales tactics, or hour-long living room pitches that fail to add real value to the project.
  • The quality levels of the products and materials need to be where they should be. No one wants to find out that the contractor was cutting corners to increase their margins and make more money.
  • The workmanship and professionalism of the installers need to be on point!


At XteriorPRO, we get a good percentage of our projects every year through this exact process. Homeowners here in St. Louis Metro know us and know of our long-standing trustworthy reputation.

Now, consider this, what would it take for an actual professional in the industry to refer someone they love? These people work with home improvement professionals for a living, so they’re aware of every little thing that homeowners don’t usually consider.

That said, how much higher do you think their standards are?

Really high!

But believe it or not, this kind of thing happens all the time.

Let’s briefly talk about a recent example of ours.

A Hardie Manufacturing Rep Referred Us To His Grandfather

One of our specialties is working with folks like you to invest in premium Fiber Cement Siding. We chose to specialize in James Hardie (the only brand we work with) because, to be honest, it’s the best for our area of the country, designed to withstand Mother Nature and perform well over the long haul while looking fabulous!

His 91-year-old grandfather, whom he cherished and respected, needed to upgrade his older windows with modern Fiberglass Replacement Windows.

Knowing us as well as he did, he told grandpops to give us a call and trust us with the work.

After project completion, he came out and checked and doubled-checked our Window Installation work with us for his grandfather just to be sure everything was picture-perfect. Which it was.

The neatest thing, though, was how his grandfather decided to show appreciation in a way we haven’t seen in quite some time, if ever.

He came to our office and dropped off a hand-written note on some nice stationery with his name printed on it.

“Thank you for the new windows. We already appreciate them and the wonderful job installing them. We will certainly refer your company to others. Sincerely…”


Our owner actually went and paid him a visit, and the two looked at his sleek set of golf clubs. How admirable that he’s still out there, even at his age, getting in his 18 holes on a somewhat regular basis (our owner is a great golfer).

Wrapping Up: We’re The Type Of Exterior Remodeler You’ll Feel Safe Referring To Those You Care About

When you work with an exterior remodeler on something as important as your St. Louis Metro home, in a way, they should almost feel like a part of the family. You want to know you can depend on them down the road as your new roofing system, siding, windows, and doors age over time.

With XteriorPRO, you’re well taken care of. To learn more and chat with us directly, don’t hesitate to reach out and Contact Us. We’re available, accessible, and looking forward to hearing from you soon.