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Should You Replace the Old Windows in a Historic Home?

Windows In A Historic Home

As a home becomes older, you may begin considering various renovation projects. Homeowners typically schedule repairs on old homes when damage to the roof, siding, or even windows becomes noticeable.

Historic homes are unique in their own way, a desirable trait for many. Older homes come with their own specific list of responsibilities and duties to ensure the home itself retains its’ ancient charm.

In fact, many parts of the country are very strict on which renovations can be done to a historic home and even more specific on the materials used.

Should you replace the old windows in a historic home? In most cases, yes!

Replacement Over Repair

Houses just are not built the same as they were 100 plus years ago. In the past, builders would choose the absolute best materials available in the name of longevity. But, as time went on and the demand for quick, affordable homes rose, these standards went away.

That is, of course, before Window Depot stepped into the world of triple pane technology!

In this day and age, double pane windows, no matter how old, will never perform as well as triple-pane windows.

Replacing the old windows on your home will provide better energy efficiency with less condensation build-up, keeping you warm all winter without breaking the bank on heating costs.

Historic Significance

In many areas of the country, towns and cities enforce strict rules on historic homes to preserve the country’s history. While you may be able to afford any renovation on your home, your residing town may not allow certain types of windows to be installed.

Windows are one of the aspects historical societies take very seriously. If you look at an old home, you can quickly and easily tell if the windows are original or an updated version. Windows on a home are similar to accessories for an outfit; they can make or break the aesthetic.

Window Depot has a vast array of historically accurate window options to meet even the highest of criteria. This ensures the home will never lose its historical value while subsequently ensuring your home looks exactly the way it was intended so many years back.

Before making any changes to your historic home, be sure to check your local regulations and get an expert’s opinion based on the specifics of your home.

Saving Money

The biggest selling point for homeowners to update their windows is the desire to save money on heating and cooling costs. While triple and double pane windows have been proven to be more energy-efficient and thus save money on energy costs each year, they are not always the easiest option.

Replacing all of the windows in a historical home may sound like a daunting and expensive task, but it doesn’t have to be! Window Depot’s triple-pane windows are affordable, long-lasting, and are era-accurate.

When it comes to saving money, having the windows on your historic home replaced instead of refurbished is undoubtedly a more economically friendly option.

A Solution For All

If you are ready to replace the old windows on your historic home, there are a few options out there. Here at Window Depot, we offer only the best when it comes to triple-pane windows. While they may not be historically accurate to the rest of the home, we can certainly make them look like they are.

At the end of the day, having the old windows on a historic home replaced instead of repaired is the best move for most homeowners.

Have Questions About Your Historic Home?

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Instead, we work with the homeowner to come up with the best solution for all—not the most lucrative.

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