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Should You Replace Your Siding and Windows At The Same Time

Wooden blocks spelling "FAQ"Here is why we think you should replace windows and siding at the same time.


Q: Should I replace my siding and windows at the same time?


A: In an ideal scenario, yes. The reasons are simple. Doing so makes it easier for XteriorPRO to add window moisture/vapor barriers and insulation beforehand, and accurately set window capping before we install your new siding system. This makes it possible for your windows and siding to work together better — keeping water away from your home’s frame and the interior of your walls. Another added bonus is you save money in the long run vs. doing one and then the other. If you have us do siding first, later on, our window installers will need to cut into it and repair the siding. On the other hand, if your siding is in far worse condition than your windows, it should be addressed immediately.

Should You Replace Your Siding and Windows At The Same Time?

Hello, are you committed to upgrading your home and making high-return-value improvements?

If so, you’re inevitably going to get your windows and siding done. Along with roofing, these are the most important elements of exterior remodeling—the core triad.

Once you’re ready, you’ll have a couple of decisions to make. After all, it’s critical to ensure the elements of your home’s style match and work together.

  • Should you replace your siding and windows at the same time?
  • If that’s not an option, which is better to get done first?

The good news is this is a widely-covered topic, and the answers are straightforward to run through.

Bottom Line: If you have the ability to do siding and Window Installation at the same time, using ideally the same contractor like XteriorPRO, this is the best approach. It saves you time. It saves you money. And the results you get with both siding and windows working together are going to be better.

But why?


There are two major reasons.

Let’s take a minute to look at them closely.


Reason #1: Contractors Can Set Moisture Barriers & Window Capping First

When you have XteriorPRO working on both simultaneously, we can get everything done in the best order possible.

  • Our installers can add proper moisture barriers below the window frames (these stretch under where new siding will be).
  • Then get the windows set in place.
  • Then get the windows impeccably capped.
  • Then get the siding around the window areas taken care of.

It’s easier and more efficient this way.

And this leads us to our second reason.


Reason #2: This Order You Saves Time & Money

Otherwise, if you invest in siding first, window installers will likely have to cut into the siding for proper window installations later on. Is that a huge problem? No, it doesn’t have to be. But what happens if you use two different contractors and the siding contractor isn’t as experienced or guaranteed like XteriorPRO?

This is where a lot of unsightly patch-up jobs around windows come from. The window installers don’t consider the siding their problem. They’ll make room to get the moisture barriers in and capping, and then do their best afterward.

You live with the consequences… with less peace of mind.

Modernize makes another great point, and puts it so well we’re going to quote them:

“Additionally, since your original windows’ capping will probably be damaged when the siding is removed, your installer will likely want to recap your windows right away, whether they are new ones or not. That means that if you choose to do your siding first, and wait to replace windows, you’ll have to pay extra to have the windows recapped twice.”

Key Takeaway: If you need to do one before the other, it makes more sense to add new windows before new siding.


What If Your Siding Is In Really Bad Shape?

If you can only afford either new replacement windows or Siding Installation, but your siding is in poor condition, then get that taken care of first. Is your siding disintegrating? Are there gaps, holes, and dents in the siding boards letting the outside air right in?

This issue should be resolved ASAP.

The larger and much more expensive problems this kind of moisture penetration can cause means it NEEDS to be addressed: rotting, mold, rising energy costs, leaks, insect infestations, structural damage, and more!


Wrapping Up

And that about wraps it up. Told you the reasons were really simple to get through. Let’s take one last look at the three main points when it comes to this important decision.

Should you replace your siding and windows at the same time?

  • Ideally yes! To save time, money, and get the best results you should consider having both handled simultaneously by the same contractor.
  • If you have to do one before the other, windows should take the lead in most cases.
  • If, on the other hand, your siding is in far worse shape than your windows, you should definitely have it addressed first.

Are you a homeowner in the St. Louis Metro area? Contact XteriorPRO today! Our friendly customer service staff will happily answer any follow-up questions and schedule you to get your FREE Quote at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and thanks for your time today.