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Stop! Take These 3 Easy Actions Before Buying Replacement Windows

Take These 3 Easy Actions Before Buying Replacement Windows

Stop! Take These 3 Easy Actions Before Buying Replacement Windows

Want Great Replacement Windows In St. Charles? Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps…


You can tackle a replacement window project—and hiring a St. Charles window contractor—a number of different ways.

You could call a bunch of window companies and get in-home quotes.

You could pour hours and hours into researching the best windows online.

Or you could scour the internet looking for a great sale or deal.

But all of these can eat up a lot of your time… and leave you even more confused than when you started!

There’s A Better Way To Buy Replacement Windows In St. Charles

And it involves just three actions:

  • Determining the quality of the window
  • Knowing who will perform the installation
  • Understanding the warranty the company offers

If you do just these three things, everything else falls into place. And the actions themselves are much easier than you probably think.

Let’s go through them one at a time to put you on the path to a successful replacement window project.

Easy Action #1: Determining A Window’s Quality

At first glance, this step may not sound so simple. After all… how much do you really know about replacement windows? How do you know what separates great windows from average windows from bad windows?

It’s actually easy. Look for the following three features:

  1. Triple pane glass: Triple pane windows offer “cream of the crop” energy efficiency and biggest bang for your buck. Visit our Window Energy Efficiency page for all the details.
  2. Quality of frame: When choosing vinyl replacement windows, you want a strong frame—preferably made of 100% virgin uiPVC—that is filled with energy efficient foam.
  3. Type of gas fill: Argon and Krypton are the two main gas fills used in replacement windows. Argon is good, but Krypton is elite. If you want the best energy efficiency, triple pane + insulated frame + Krypton gas is an unbeatable combo.

Naturally, there are other factors you can consider when buying replacement windows: aesthetics, accessories, and so on.

But the three items above are a baseline for high-quality windows. If a window has those features, you can feel confident those windows will meet the other criteria on your wish list too.

Easy Action #2: Vetting Your Window Installer

I’m realizing these “Easy Actions” don’t sound so easy on the surface. But like determining window quality, vetting an installation company is surprisingly simple… if you know what to look for.

Keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Plenty of great online reviews: A window company that satisfies its customers should have an ample number of glowing reviews across the internet.
  • Proof of insurance: This shows you that the company is serious about their business and doing things right.
  • A transparent installation process: A quality window company can—and should be happy to—explain their installation process down to the finest detail.
  • No-nonsense sales processes: A high-pressure appointment is a red flag that a company doesn’t truly care about its customers. But a company that treats you with respect and honesty is a company invested in YOUR best interests.
  • Industry recognition: Whether it’s Angie’s List or HomeAdvisor or the Better Business Bureau TORCH Award, third-party recognition is a surefire sign that a window company is worth considering.

Easy Action #3: Understanding The Company’s Warranty

Find out exactly how long a window company’s warranty is and exactly what it covers.

Don’t always trust warranties labeled as “lifetime.” Many times, these warranties are littered with fine print, prorating, and loopholes.

And think about it: If a company jams these into their warranty, do you think they believe honesty is the best policy?

This is why it’s important to go with a company that puts their warranties front and center. They should provide you with the exact terms of their warranty in plain English.

Follow These 3 Actions For Excellent Window Replacement

Buying replacement windows can be complicated—but it doesn’t have to be. Take the three actions above, and you’ll all but ensure yourself a high-quality window project.

If you need some help, get in touch. We’d love to discuss your window project and guide you to the right solution for your needs and budget.

Thank you!