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Why Most St. Peters Window Companies Are Stuck In The 1980s

Old-School Window Salesman

For Most St. Peters Window Companies, It Might As Well Still Be 1980

Many Replacement Windows Are Stuck In The Past… In More Ways Than One.


If you called up a window company in the 1980s looking for window replacement, chances are you would’ve been shown something that could be described like this:

Double-pane windows with Low-E glass coating and argon gas between the panes; a hollow vinyl frame; and a (very) limited lifetime warranty.

Fast forward to today. If you call a window company, chances are they want to sell you:

Double-pane windows with Low-E glass coating and argon gas between the panes; a hollow vinyl frame; and a (very) limited lifetime warranty.

Yes, you read that right. It’s the EXACT same window.

How Window Companies Got Stuck In The Past

You would think over the course of 3 or 4 decades, replacement window technology would have made a lot of advancements. Actually, there have been advancements, but it is the window companies that have stayed stuck.

The vast majority of window companies—I’d say 85% to 90% of them—decide to do things the way things have always been done.

  • They market the same way: “We have quality windows and good service.”
  • They sell the same way: “Our windows have a double pane, and our vinyl is maintenance-free…” (and if you’re still not sold, they’ll try to make whatever discount they’re pushing sound like the deal of the century).
  • They offer the same old glass packages. The glass options offered are the same they’ve been selling for decades. They keep coming up with fancy new names for these glass packages. But in reality, they are the same old thing.
  • They install the same way: They subcontract out the work to whatever crew or temporary labor they can find as business ebbs and flows.

For many window companies in St. Peters, it just seems easier and safer to follow the crowd and never change.

Here’s A Better Way To Get Replacement Windows

At XteriorPRO (your local Window Depot USA), we decided a long time ago to be different. We’re not interested in installing the same old mediocre windows that have been around for 40+ years.

We went on a mission to sell and install the very best windows on the market.

  • Instead of the ‘so-so’ energy efficiency of double-pane windows, we decided to only install triple-pane windows that keep St. Peters homes more comfortable year-round. (And also keeps the interior of your home much quieter).
  • Instead of the weakness of hollow vinyl frames, our window frames are filled with high-density foam. The difference in efficiency AND strength is noticeable.
  • Instead of the same old “blah look” of all those vinyl windows out there, homeowners instantly notice the difference in appearance and substance when comparing our windows to the typical window offered in our area.
  • Instead of the same old “limited” lifetime warranty with too many exclusions and declining coverage, we have a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty that is super strong and gives you the exact same coverage FOREVER.

If you meet with us, you’ll be able to tell the difference between our windows and everybody else’s windows right away. We know this because we’ve often met with homeowners who have already had appointments with several other window companies, and they’re always blown away by how much better our windows are.

(We may be the only window company in St. Peters that actually hopes our competitors get there first!).

Next Step

There’s no risk in meeting with us for a free window consultation and quote. At least see our windows for yourself, so you’ll know you have other options besides the same old “stuck-in-the-past” hollow-framed, double-pane window.