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The Window Company That Cares


Make No Mistake: We’re The St. Peters Window Company That CARES

From Start To Finish, Our Passion For Window Installation Shines In ALL That We Do.

Quick question: Does it really matter how a St. Peters window company FEELS about the job?

I know—it’s kind of a weird thing to ask. But it’s VITALLY important.

Why? Because when a window company is genuinely passionate about improving their customers’ homes, it will shine through in all that they do: From the materials they use… to the premium-quality installation they deliver… to the exceptional service they provide from start to finish.

That’s The Kind Of Window Company WE Are

At XteriorPRO, we care about being the best in everything we do because that means our CUSTOMERS are getting the best possible outcome.

We don’t settle for “decent” products. Or “average” installation. Or “ho-hum” customer service. We insist on the highest standards for ALL OF THEM.

Here’s how…

Products: The Best Replacement Windows In St. Peters

A lot of companies offer replacement windows that provide poor energy efficiency, durability, and curb appeal.

We’re the opposite. As your local Window Depot U.S.A., we install ultra-efficient triple pane replacement windows. Our windows have some of the best insulation and air infiltration ratings on the market. Plus, they look fantastic and provide premium durability.

Bottom line: We allow ZERO “lemons” on our lot. You are assured replacement windows with gorgeous aesthetics, cutting-edge energy features, and powerhouse performance that’s GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. Plus, you get them for an unbeatable price!

Installation: We Consider EVERY Detail

Even the best replacement window in the world will fail if it’s not installed properly.

Second-rate replacement can lead to gaps, crooked installation, and air leaks. In other words—avoidable problems that can all but destroy the energy-saving potential of the actual window.

This is why the Midland Exteriors installers replacing your windows are factory-trained and highly experienced.

We have the type of installers who LOVE the craft, pay painstaking attention to every little detail, and have an insatiable hunger to perfect their processes.

In short, the type of installers you can 100% unequivocally TRUST with your home.

Customer Service: St. Peters’ “Anti-Pressure” Window Company

When it comes to customer service and in-home appointments, our philosophy is straightforward: No games. No runaround. Just good old-fashioned customer education.

Rather than twisting your arm to get you to BUY BUY BUY, we comprehensively assess your specific needs and budget. Doing so lets us determine the exact right solution for your situation. 

After we’ve made our recommendation and answered your questions, we provide you with a firm, fair quote. You can then take as much time as you need to decide if you want to move forward—your price for that project is locked in for a full year. 

We NEVER harass you to come to a decision before you’re comfortable. You come to us if and when YOU are ready. And if you have any questions, we’re always a phone call away.

We have a passion for people. We love giving homeowners a fantastic, high-quality, low-stress window project.

Contact The St. Peters Window Company That CARES

Looking for a window replacement company that’s genuinely passionate about your project? Contact us today to schedule your free window quote. From the first phone call, you’ll see we’re a company that CARES.