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This Is How Quickly We Tackle Replacement Window Issues

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This Is How Quickly We Tackle Any & All Common Replacement Window Issues

When XteriorPRO Replaces Windows, You’re Well Taken Care Of – We Tackle Issues Speedily & Efficiently… Without Question!

We’ve been serving families across the Greater St. Louis Metro area for so long now, and sometimes we can get the small stuff that pops up fixed inside roughly 5 minutes!

Recently we got a call from a nice older lady who was having a problem with one of the windows we installed for her…YEARS ago.

If memory serves, she had quite a few of our upscale Triple-Pane Fiberglass Replacement Windows installed as a part of a major exterior remodel. And while we include a 2-year ‘Free Service Calls’ guarantee with all our Window Installations, in reality, we aren’t going anywhere, so you actually get a LIFETIME ‘Call Us Anytime’ kind of partner for your home.

Day or night, one year from now or ten, you can call us, and we’ll get out there, take a look, and often be able to fix the little things on the spot that go wrong because of latent manufacturing issues, perhaps travel & shipment knocked something loose, etc.

We’re Always Local & Prepared

She called our office that day because one of the screens was torn out and it looked horrible.

Usually, our service calls go through a certain step-by-step procedure, but we happened to be in the area on another project for a nearby neighbor, so our production department made a call and got someone over to her house right away.

Within roughly 30 minutes, one of our installers and a fully-equipped-with-everything-we-need work truck was sitting outside with tools, parts, materials, more tools, and so on. Honestly, we keep them well-stocked, so there’s never a need to head down to a local hardware or specialty shop.

When screens pop out of the spline (this is a rubber piece that holds the screen in the specially-coated aluminum component in the frame), we need a spline tool and a roller.

It took our guy about 5 minutes, and the woman’s big beautiful window was like new again. When he went around and knocked on her door to let her know, she was honestly floored. She was under the assumption he was still looking at the window or going to the truck to get something.

So all told, from the time she called our office to report the issue with a window we installed quite some time ago, as part of a huge project, everything was perfect inside 40 minutes.

Bottom Line: XteriorPRO Is Your Sure-Bet Option

Quality window replacements aren’t cheap due to their high-end manufacturing and features, lasting performance, security, soundproofing, and value. Not in St. Louis Metro or anywhere else. And if you’ve got 10-30 windows, the investment in your home can be rather sizable.

This is why you have to trust the company you work with. If you’re interested to learn more about Our Window Prices or scheduling a time to sit down with one of our specialists to get a Free Quote, simply pick up the phone and give us a call. Thanks!