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This Is Why You Don’t Let Landscapers Handle Roofing Needs


Why You Don’t Let Your Landscaping Crew Do Even Small-Scale Roofing Work (And What We Can Do About It)

A Previous Customer Of Ours Had Some Fabulous Landscaping Work Done, But Made One Easy Mistake That We Had To Fix

Here at XteriorPRO, we end up getting a fair amount of calls to fix mistakes from other contractors.

In this article, we’d like to share one experience that can serve as a PERFECT example.

Their initial call to our office roughly sounded like this, and yes, the poor lady was quite worried:

Hi, a while ago my husband and I worked with you to install new roofing on our home and it went great. That’s not why I’m calling. See, we recently had some other work done in our backyard and we were wondering if you could come on out and take a look.”


Uh oh…

Of course we will, but right off the bat, we know the chances are that we’re going to end up finding some issues.

This is precisely why our Proven Process is so optimized and polished that 99.9% of our projects are on-time, done with absolute precision, and on-target. Sure, little issues pop up, but nothing like what we’ll be looking at below.

Before heading out, we asked for a few photos to get an idea of what was going on.

Here’s what they sent showing the work they had done.

At first glance, it looks nice—a beautiful free-standing structure with nice design, masonry, and brickwork, along with a beautifully-done paver patio. No one’s saying they didn’t do great work in those respects.

Here’s a different angle so you can see the covered patio area, which by the way, can be seen from those windows on the second story of their home.

What’s the problem?

Well, take a look at the roofing work done. Can you spot one of the major issues?

See, she told the landscaping she wanted a covered section, and they helped her buy the right product, but of course, it didn’t come with roofing. That had to be done manually.

And, oh yeah, they told her they could take care of it ‘no problem.’ All she’d need to do is order the materials they suggested. The issue here is that this family didn’t really know a thing about roofing a smaller structure like this. Because when they had their home’s roof done, we did it, and we’re GAF Master Installers who take care of everything.

We install complete, high-end, long-lasting GAF systems, but what did the landscaping company have her order?

Felt paper and architectural shingles. That’s it.

Despite being a small roof, you still want these to perform, last, and offer the protection they’re designed for.

But look at this:

So, once we had a chance to inspect everything, here’s a shortlist of all the ways the job was poorly done:

  • Up close, from the ground, you could see plastic strips. They weren’t even adhesive strips.
  • They didn’t bother using starter shingles.
  • They didn’t opt to use actual hip & ridge shingles either.
  • There was no drip edge. Look at the pictures again and see how the sides just droop and sag.
  • They decided to use regular architectural shingles, and it ended up looking horrible.
  • Some shingles were even overlapped side to side rather than being butted together.

At the end of the day, that crew had no idea what they were doing. Almost nothing was done right! We could tell they didn’t have the right tools for the job either. For example, instead of getting nice straight cuts on the shingles, they were all jagged. This is because they didn’t have the right hook blades.

They told this family they could do it for some extra cash on top of the project and probably even pitched it as a great deal.

What Could We Do?

Unfortunately, there was only one thing we could do. And that was to get all that nonsense off and completely replace the roof. We needed to get the proper underlayment in there, along with properly using hip & ridge shingles, adding the drip edge, etc.

To be honest, we felt bad! How disappointing to deal with something like that.

But for our part, we showed her what the proper Shingle Options would be and then gave her a discount to help ease the financial strain. We gave her the best deal we possibly could.

Lesson: When It Comes To Roofing, Big Or Small — Work With Specialists!

Whether on the main home or a secondary structure, Roofing needs to be done properly and with precision. Don’t trust these kinds of projects with any crew who doesn’t specialize in roofing. And they should have all the credentials and experience necessary.

The other point here is that we take care of our customers. Once you work with XteriorPRO, you’re part of our extended family. And we always take care of our family. To learn more and chat with one of our specialists directly, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!