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Triple Pane VS Double Pane Windows: What’s The Difference

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Triple Pane VS Double Pane Windows: What’s The Difference?

There is a lot of buzz in the air, you may have noticed.

Some home renovation companies say double pane windows are better, others say triple pane windows reign as top dog.

To the layperson, it might not seem like a huge difference, but to those in the know – there’s no contest.

Triple pane windows have, you guessed it, one more pane of glass than double pane windows have, but the differences don’t just end there.

After reading this article, you will know everything you need to know about the differences between triple and double pane windows and, hopefully, by the end you will make your own decision to finally end the age-old debate.

Double Pane Windows

The typical window has a single pane of glass separating you and your family from the outside world. Windows have the opportunity to block out the unwanted aspects of the outdoors, such as noise and cold air, or they can do the exact opposite.

Double pane windows are a step above single pane windows, or you could say a whole pane above! Double pane windows have one pane of glass that touches the outside air and one pane of glass that only touches the indoor air with a hollow chamber between the panes.

This hollow space is filled with a clear thermally efficient gas to assist with regulating temperatures as cold air from the outside makes contact with warm air from the inside.

As cold air hits one side of the glass and warm air hits the other, condensation starts to form. Not only will small water droplets start to form on the inside pane and along with the window sill, but this can also lead to additional issues within the home related to moisture such as mold, rot, and water damage.

The inner gas combined with the dual-pane system provides increased energy efficiency when compared to single-pane windows, but wait till you hear about triple-pane windows!

Triple Pane Windows

If double pane windows sound good to you, you’re going to ADORE triple-pane windows. I know we do!

If double pane windows are the rookie, triple pane windows are the seasoned vet. While relatively new to the home renovation scene, triple-pane windows are quickly becoming the most sought-after windows.

Triple pane windows have a pane of glass on the outside, one on the inside, and an additional glass in the middle of both panes. That means two hollow chambers are ready to house the thermal efficient gas, one on either side of the middle pane.

This third pane provides exceptional energy efficiency, exponentially more so than double-pane. Two chambers of gas mean double the effectiveness. Not only are triple-pane windows phenomenal at keeping the cold air out and the warm air in (or vice versa), but they also eliminate most outdoor noises such as dogs barking, traffic, or lawn equipment being used.

For those of us that enjoy our peace and quiet, the noise reduction benefit of triple-pane windows alone convinces most homeowners to go the extra mile and choose the best option for their home.

Convinced Yet?

Here at Window Depot of St. Louis, we made up our minds about who won the double vs triple pane debate long ago. And the winner is…….triple-pane!

In fact, we made it our mission to ONLY provide the wonderful residents of Missouri with triple-pane windows. If it’s not the absolute best, we don’t want anything to do with it.

In our harsh winters, having a powerful defense against extreme outdoor temperatures is imperative. Not only do triple-pane windows keep your house warm and noise-free, but they are also especially effective at preventing condensation.

This means less chance of mold, rot, and water damage, considerably less than that of single and double pane windows.

If Triple Pane Windows Are For You, Give Us A Call!

As we mentioned before, we truly believe triple-pane windows are the best option for homeowners and one of the best investments one can make. And we aren’t the only ones who think so!

Triple-pane windows have caught the attention of ENERGY STAR, being awarded their Most Efficient notoriety.

If you have made the decision that triple-pane windows are the right fit for your home, give the window specialists at Window Depot of St. Louis a call at (636) 939-4800 or request a Free Quote today! A more energy-efficient home is just a few steps away.