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Truth about budget windows

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Budget Windows Might Sound Appealing, But Saint Louis Homeowners Should Be WARY

With Discount Windows You Get What You Pay For… And Sometimes Not Even That!

It’s easy to get pulled in by promises of $189 windows in the Saint Louis area.  Getting anything for a bargain feels good and makes sense…sometimes.  In the case of budget windows, though, you are better off doing your research and investing the extra money in something WAY better.

There are a few reasons to watch out for “discount” windows. Sometimes the price advertised ends up not including everything you need to install replacement windows. Sometimes the quality is just low. More often than not, it is a combination of the two.

Here are a few ways in which budget windows are just plain inferior to high-quality triple-pane windows.

Low-Quality Vinyl Frames

Not all vinyl is the same. Cheap vinyl frames often contain high levels of calcium carbonate, also known as chalk.

While this is a common ingredient in inexpensive vinyl materials, it is not suited for holding up to the elements. This type of vinyl will crack and warp much more easily than stronger varieties.

Higher quality vinyl frames will contain higher levels of titanium dioxide. Vinyl frames with titanium dioxide will hold up MUCH better in the harsh Saint Louis weather. This means they will last longer and keep your home better insulated.

No Gas, Just Boring Old Air

A lot of people don’t realize that double and triple pane windows alike are supposed to contain special gases that promote energy efficiency. Rather than plain old air being stuck between the panes, these spaces are filled with argon or krypton gas, which prevents heat loss.

Argon gas is one of the biggest ways replacement windows can lower your heating and cooling costs.  Of course, it won’t do any good if your windows don’t actually contain ANY argon!

It is common practice among manufacturers of discount windows to fail to put any gas between the panes: not xenon, krypton, or even oxygen.  This means your windows are not getting you maximum energy efficiency.

That’s why at XteriorPRO, we ONLY install triple pane windows with argon or krypton gas between the panes.  What is the point in replacement windows for your Saint Louis home, if you are not going to get maximum energy efficiency in the end?

No Coating For Increased Efficiency

Gas is by no means the only component of your windows that affect energy efficiency. The coating applied to the outside of each pane of your replacement windows is also critical to keeping you cool in the summer.

With high-quality triple pane windows, a coating called Low-E is used to maximize energy efficiency. Without it, lots of ultraviolet light from the sun will stream in through your windows and get trapped. In the heat of a Saint Louis summer, this is like blazing your heater full blast!

The windows we sell, of course, are all coated with Low-E to keep your home as cool as possible during our BRUTALLY hot Missouri summers.

No Foam Filling In The Frames

You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking, but the insides of your vinyl frames make a BIG difference.

High-quality vinyl frames are filled with foam, in order to provide as much insulation as possible. And foam-filled vinyl frames do provide quite a bit of insulation. Of course, you have to install QUALITY replacement windows for this to work.

Budget frames are left completely hollow, though. This provides you with essentially NO insulation. Installing them might even make your energy bills worse, depending on the condition of your current windows.

NOT Triple Frame

Anything with less than three frames isn’t going to max out your energy efficiency. A high-quality double pane window is always better than a budget window, but why settle for better?

With triple pane ProVia windows, you get the argon gas, three panes, and the Low-E coating. You can’t get more energy efficient, in the world of windows!

Why We’re The Best In Saint Louis

We only install the best windows on the market.  We can’t guarantee they are the cheapest, but they are the most energy efficient, durable windows you can get for your home.

If you do decide to contact us about replacement windows for your home, we will give you nothing but the facts.  We stand by our work and offer a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.  Call us today for a quote!