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We Blacklisted Every Replacement Window In The St. Louis Metro Area But This One

St. Lous Replacement Windows

We Blacklisted Every Replacement Window
In The St. Louis Metro Area But This One

Here Is The 1-Out-Of-100 Exception.


When I opened XteriorPRO with Lisa in 2011, I put a Zero Compromises policy in place.

In a nutshell, the Zero Compromises policy means we do whatever it takes to pull off the best possible project. Even if it costs a little more. Even if it takes a little longer. And even if it means ruthlessly “cutting the fat” on our product offerings.

Here’s what I mean…

Until a few years ago, we offered multiple types and brands of replacement windows. This was to accommodate budgets big, small, and everywhere in between. Basically, we were like every other St. Louis County window company, providing homeowners with a “Good, Better, Best” buying option for new home windows.

This seemed like a good idea at the time. I felt like I had to do the “same old, same old” pricing model of other window companies in order to compete. Plus, I wanted to provide windows for people on every budget.

Big mistake.

The Good and Better windows we sold just weren’t up to snuff. Sure, they provided “decent” energy efficiency, performance, and curb appeal. But “decent” doesn’t cut it at XteriorPRO.

In my attempt to accommodate everyone, I had lost sight of the reason I started this company: To provide THE highest quality—with zero compromises.

I was in a jam. I wanted to help homeowners who had to stick to a certain price range… but I also didn’t want to install anything less than the best replacement windows in the St. Louis metro area.

How I (Accidentally) Solved My Window Problem

One day in 2017, I was researching different financing options to offer my customers. I was looking at one financing company’s list of partners and saw the name Window Depot USA.

On a whim, I decided to check out Window Depot USA’s website. Their site explained they were a national window company with territories across the country, which were owned and operated by local contractors. Because of Window Depot USA’s buying power and relationship with manufacturers, these locally owned territories could often provide best-in-class triple pane windows for the same price as other companies’ double pane windows.

My first thought after reading this: “What’s the catch?”

Awesome triple pane windows for double pane prices sounded a little hard to believe. So I investigated the company’s reputation, values, and, most importantly, products. I looked for something—anything—that would set off my B.S. meter.

I came up with bupkis.

Window Depot USA was the real deal. They ranked #26 on the Qualified Remodeler’s Top 500 list (and now rank #24), their windows were exceptional, and their prices were virtually unbeatable.

I knew what I had to do.

I contacted Window Depot USA about becoming their official territory for the St. Louis metro area. Once they vetted our company and checked out our reputation, they readily agreed. After that, I scrapped all our other window offerings to sell Window Depot USA windows 24/7/365.

As I mentioned earlier, Window Depot USA national has a ton of buying power. As such, I can provide you with my company’s high-end triple pane windows at prices that rival companies can’t hope to match.

Bottom line: There are a TON of replacement windows to choose from in the St. Louis metro area. I’d know—I used to sell a lot of them.

But there is only ONE window that comes with every conceivable bell and whistle… and does so at a tremendous value. I’d know—because that’s the ONLY window I install.

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