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We Paid $629.54 For New Flowers After Our Roofers Ruined Her Old Ones

We Paid For New Flowers After We Ruined Old Ones

We Paid $629.54 For New Flowers After Our Roofers Ruined Her Old Ones

Our Roofing Crew Damaged A Customer’s VERY Valuable Flowers.
So We Foot The Entire Bill For New Ones.


Who knew a few flowers could cost more than a sleek 60” HD-television, the latest iPhone, or glass seats at a St. Louis Blues game? I didn’t. At least not until I had to pay $629.54 to replace some that my roofing crew accidentally damaged on the job.

Here’s the story…

In early 2019, we were replacing a roof for a woman in the St. Louis metro area.

Before we start any job, we inform the customer that landscaping close to the home can get damaged while we work. We do everything we can to avoid this (laying down protective tarps, moving what we can, etc.). But accidents occasionally happen.

On this occasion, a really expensive accident happened.

The customer had some flowers planted around her home.

But they weren’t just any flowers. They were special 100-year-old flowers the customer’s grandmother planted many years ago.

While we were working, some debris fell from the roof and landed in the flowers, damaging some of them. To make matters worse, our supplier stepped on flowers in a different area when delivering the roofing materials.


Naturally, the customer was VERY upset—and so were we. Our boneheaded mistake caused this homeowner unnecessary grief. We felt absolutely terrible.

So after we replaced the customer’s roof, we set out to make things right… by any means necessary.

We told her to purchase everything she needed—landscaping, nursery fees, and so on—and send the bill to us. These flowers held high sentimental value to the customer, so replacing them was the least we could do.

Fast-forward a few weeks… I receive a bill for $629.54.

I know as much about flowers as I do quantum mechanics. So when I got a bill in the mail for $629.54, I nearly fell out of my chair.

The face you make when you have to pay $600 for flowers.
The face you make when you have to pay $600 for flowers.

But you know what? After the initial sticker shock, I happily broke out the checkbook. It didn’t matter that the flowers cost more than a 60” HD TV or glass seats to a Blues game. All that mattered was making the customer happy again.

In the end, all was well.

Six-hundred bucks couldn’t bring back the original flowers the customer’s grandmother planted. It did, however, make amends. The customer appreciated the gesture and our willingness to take responsibility.

This story shows that we make the occasional mistake like everyone else—nobody’s perfect! But when we do mess up, we do everything possible to set things right.

If that sounds like the kind of company you want replacing your roof in the St. Louis metro area, get in touch today.

Thank you!